Welcome to Houston Deaf Network!

It’s time, friends and foes! A time to rise up, unite resources, build support, educate and especially be “heard” by those who live in Houston. Although Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, we have yet to see a central hub where Houstonians can find a variety of useful information in one place. HoustonDeafNetwork.com will do its best to fill in the missing gaps and help you fulfill your needs. But wait, there’s more than just providing you information…

Houston is unique and you’re probably wondering what makes Houston so different. Some interesting facts about Houston include: there are more than 500 cultural, visual and performing arts organizations, 90 of which are devoted to multicultural and minority arts and is one of five U.S. cities that offer year-round resident companies in all major performing arts; more than 90 languages are spoken throughout the Houston area; Houston ranks second in employment growth rate and fourth in nominal employment growth among the 10 most populous metro areas in the U.S. Also, in 2006, the Houston metropolitan area ranked first in Texas and third in the U.S. within the category of “Best Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes magazine. You can find a lot more interesting facts about Houston here!

All those things are great to know, but what if you want to get together with those who have something in common with you? Well, we also include a variety of social activities for anyone to participate. We have Deaf Professional Happy Hour Houston, American Sign Language Social, Deaf Chat Coffee, Deaf Paws, a wide variety of sports and possibly more. As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do in Houston. It is our goal to provide you all the necessary resources and provide a wide variety of available entertainment, regardless of any physical limitation you may have.

We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to our contributors who took time out of their busy lives to make this possible. We all truly believe that building deaf community will not only strengthen the bonds of deaf people, but also provide an easy way to experience all that Houston has to offer. Want to know how you can participate? Simply click here to learn how you can be a part of the team! Anyone can be a part of our community by submitting any information about the greater Houston area you think may be helpful to others. It’s easy and FREE!

Let’s build the community and seize the day!

About Longster

Long Duong works as a Web/UI Developer for cPanel in Houston. He is also the founder of ECHODE where he builds his web and designs musings on the side. He is the main guy for building and maintaining the life of Houston Deaf Network website.

11 responses to “Welcome to Houston Deaf Network!”

  1. Julie R. says:

    Love the website, Long! Awesome design and lay-out!

    Won’t be surprised if other cities follow this new trend! *winks*

  2. Dennis Smith says:

    Dear the HDNW staff….

    I have hard time for not finding the Subscribe Feature on that newsletter…
    So I wish to subscribe to the Houston Deaf Newsletter as soon as possible… Thank you for the service the best you all support… Sincerely Yours Dennis Smith….

  3. Ron Moore says:

    I recently moved my brother ,who is deaf ,in with me. He recently lost his wife. He is 66 and I am having trouble finding any groups, associations, or organizations for deaf people in the Humble/Kingwood areafor him . Do you have any suggestions?

  4. srikanth says:

    hello.iam deaf only its english or diploma.

  5. Robin says:

    I am a single parent of a hearing impaired and autistic young male adult. i am having trouble finding activities or a job career for him. we live in the Spring area. Any suggestions?

  6. Debra says:


    I’m a hard of hearing person with a blindness call RP. I’m an outgoing person and Im still working. But the work I’m doing now I can’t do any more due to my sight. I have send an accomadation letter back in 2011 and I’m still not getting any one to help me as much as I would. I have been on my Job for 10 yrs with the City of Houston. I just want to work in a safety environment. Is I asking too much? By the way I work at the busy Aiport in Houston, TX ” Bush”

  7. When is the next deaf events like dphhh & deaf night out or whatever ?

  8. Dawn Tamborello says:

    I am a Texas certified teacher for early childhood through 8th grade. I have been interested in the deaf community for a long time. I have a friend who became deaf as an adult. Teaching my students about Helen Keller each year has been one of the highlights of my career. I only know the basics of signing. However, I have been a life long learner and because of a loss of hearing in my right ear, I have taken a real interest in pursuing a career in deaf education. What steps would I need to take to qualify? What are the needs in the Houston area for teachers in the hearing impaired classroom?

  9. LBDCC says:

    Town Hall
    Join us to learn about whats new at Sorenson including ntouch, VP,ntouch for mac, ntouch Pc,ntouch Tablet,ntouch Mobile and services offered exclusively to Sorenson customers. Refreshments will be provided.
    When: Wednesday, February 5
    Time: 6:30pm
    Where: Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center
    9920 Long Point Road
    Houston, Tx 77055
    RSVP Contact Fred Odoardo at fodoardo@sorenson.com

  10. Sheila Riedy says:


    I am an instructor at HCC and have a student from Nigeria (she is a citizen, I think). She has an obvious hearing loss but does not have hearing aids. She tells me that she is “working on it”. Her speech is excellent. Does you organization help people obtain testing and get remedies. If you don’t, do you know who does?

  11. EBrown says:

    I am working towards my bachelors in communicative disorders and deaf education. I’m currently taking my first semester of ASL and I’m loving it. I’m doing well in the class but I know I can do great and I keep hearing that interaction is the best way to learn such a beautiful language. So here goes, I live in Katy, TX and if there’s any events or educational centers that I could go to I would be most gratful. Hope to hear from you soon!

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