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My name is Andrea. My sweet dog gave birth to 14 puppies. One is deaf. A family with a deaf child was going to adopt the puppy but changed their mind. Do you know of anyone who would want him? He’s so sweet. He’s a dane, lab, etc mix.

We just want him to go to a good, loving home. I would keep him but I already have 3 dogs. Thank you so very much. Thank you and God Bless.


Andrea Lepow, MBA, MS, LCDC, AAC, BCI
Compliance Officer, Riverside General Hospital
713-526-6909 – office
832-723-1000 – cell

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One response to “SWEET DEAF PUPPY”

  1. Karen says:

    Did you find a home? I might know someone that would want it if you didn’t? Just let me know!!!

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