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My name is Stephen Curry, with the US Small Business Administration, and I am looking for opportunities to meet with, or join with others in outreach efforts to support People with Disabilities. We have answers to becoming an entrepreneur for the disabled, and can provide business assistance to our Entrepreneurs with Disabilities.

So, I am in and all-out effort to pursue, and push information out to the disability community about starting and running their own businesses. I would like you to connect me with organizations and individuals, if you can, that is connected with People with Disabilities who may do outreach events that serve this community. I bulleted some items below that you can pass on, as well as my email and telephone number to all whom may do outreach events to this community. This information is also available on our website at

1. Starting a business can be a great opportunity for many people with disabilities. In addition to meeting career aspirations and goals, owning their own business can provide benefits such as work flexibility and financial stability. The SBA offers resources to help disabled people start, grow and manage a small business.
a. The US Small Business Administration (SBA), Houston District Office would like to get the word out to People with Disabilities in the greater Houston area about our program and services. Such as the following;
• Entrepreneur Resources for People with Disabilities
Details important considerations for potential entrepreneurs with disabilities.
• Important Considerations for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
Outlines important considerations for potential entrepreneurs with disabilities.
• Online Seminar: Self-Employment for Individuals with Disabilities(link is external)
Introduces some of the critical factors in considering business feasibility, developing financial resources, basic business plan development and the identification and access to community small business resources for disabled persons.
• Small Business and Self-Employment Service
Provides access to information such as the pros and cons of starting a business as a disabled person, counseling, and referrals regarding self-employment and small business ownership opportunities for people with disabilities.
• information on financing for borrowers who, for various reasons, might have difficulty in obtaining conventional loans. Borrowers must apply for a loan through a lending institution.

2.Trade and Professional Resources
• Business Leadership Network(link is external)
Details the only national disability organization led by business for business, and how it promotes best practices in hiring, retaining and marketing to people with disabilities.
• Chamber of Commerce for Individuals with Disabilities(link is external)
Provides information about the national consumer volunteer organization that uses business principles to improve the economic status of individuals with disabilities.
• Disabled Businesspersons Association(link is external)
Explores the association that assists enterprising individuals with disabilities to succeed in the business world.
• Job Accommodation Network (JAN)(link is external)
Provides access to technical assistance, consulting and mentoring services for disabled entrepreneurs.
• Disability Entrepreneurs: What Can You Do Campaign(link is external)
Explores information and resources for disabled entrepreneurs

For additional information please give me a call at 713-773-6542, or email.

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