"Sign Language Just Learn It" wristbands

Submitted by: Sherry Smith | Email: ssmithterp@gmail.com | URL: http://signlanguagejustlearnit.com

Check out the “Sign Language Just Learn It” wristbands on eBay! “Sign Language Just Learn It” is a slogan created by a volunteer in the Deaf community. Many Deaf people have family and friends who do not use sign language fluently. Also, many with autism have benefited from using sign language to communicate.

The wristbands are in an effort to promote the slogan and encourage learning sign language.

Item: “Sign Language Just Learn It” Wristbands
URL: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221204102670

For more information about the logo, go to: www.signlanguagejustlearnit.com

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One response to “"Sign Language Just Learn It" wristbands”

  1. Chelsea Felix says:


    I am an intern at my local community college for ASL, and have been looking for ASL wristbands to reorder.
    I had previously ordered (2 yrs ago) wristbands and no longer see the company’s website.
    Came across this and would LOVE to order wristbands, however I am unable to pull up any of the links.

    Any thing you can help with? I want to place a few orders to distribute them amongst our ASL students!

    Chelsea Felix
    Santa Maria CA

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