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Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers

RespondBy Tori Foerste | Oct.20, 2011 | Filed in: Community,Life Skills

The Signing Time Academy is a global network of Certified Instructors who offer community sign language classes based on the award-winning Signing Time products. As an instructor in Houston I sell Signing Time products locally, making it easy and convenient for others to expand their Signing Time DVD library.

I also offer classes and workshops to anyone who wishes to have quality sign language interaction with the child(ren) in their life!

Signing Time has changed my life! I started signing to my hearing daughter when she was 6 months old (all done, eat, drink, milk) and she signed back to me at 9 months old. Now, at 22 months she knows 100+ signs. She challanges me daily to learn more signs. When she points to something new, she expects me to tell her what it is and show her the sign as well. Baby Signing Time has allowed us to communicate, learn and problem solve together. I want to share this powerful tool with other families. If you are the least bit interested, please contact me. I would love to share this program with you and change your life and your childs life.

Tori Foerste

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