Reminder-Deaf Task Force for Emergency Preparedness

Houston Quarterly General Meeting. A special combined meeting will be held this month for all Workgroups and General meeting members. The goal is to share information on Workgroup activities, discuss issues, and decide Deaf Task Force business this Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2010.

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Woodhaven Deaf Baptist Church
9920 Long Point Rd
Houston, Texas 77055

10:00 AM
General meeting – This is a general monthly meeting of all Deaf Task Force Members. The purpose is to share information on Workgroup activities, discuss issues, and decide Deaf Task Force business.

11:00 AM to 11:15 AM
Break Between Sessions

11: 15 AM to 12:30 PM
Workgroup Sessions in Different Areas of the Church

* Deaf Survey Workgroup – The purpose of the Survey Workgroup is to develop a written and ASL interview survey form which will be used within the 13-county regional area to determine how big the Deaf Community is, what is the primary means of communication, and what are the emergency preparedness needs.

* Deaf Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Workgroup – The purpose of the CERT workgroup is to create a Deaf version of the national Community Emergency Response Team training, to recruit and form a regional Deaf CERT Team, to train Deaf Community Members on Emergency Preparedness and to train Hearing Community first responders (fire, police, emergency workers) on how to work with a Deaf CERT Team. A traditional CERT team helps the community, especially their neighborhoods, by checking onneighbors, helping to clear debris, help in to deliver aid/food/water, and assisting as volunteers before and after disasters.

* Deaf point-of-Distribution (POD) Workgroup – The purpose of the POD Workgroup is to develop a POD plan and worker team for the Woodhaven church site. This group will also be developing Deaf materials for training other Deaf worker teams for other locations. A traditional POD helps the neighborhood by distributing ice, water, meals, and tarps for roofs. The Deaf POD will do same for the Deaf Community and may also have additional service available such as emergency agency help.

12:30 PM Lunch and Networking at Woodhaven

David S. Bass – Director
832-413-6266 (Office VP)
832-413-6239 (Home VP)



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