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The December meeting of the Positive Interaction Program(P.I.P.) will take place on Dec.4th at Woodhaven Deaf Baptist Church.

P.I.P. is an organization that fosters communication between the Deaf Community and the Houston Police Department. The meetings are interpreted and has CART caption. There will be refreshments served and door prizes after the presentation. This month we will have as guest speaker Dr. Verdi R. Lethermon . She is director of the H.P.D.

Psychological Service and will explain the thought process of police officers when dealing with the Deaf community. After Dr. Lethermon speaks the audience is encourage to share any situation and any questions a person might have with H.P.D.

Woodhaven Deaf Baptist Church is located at 9920 Long Point Rd. and this meeting will start at 7:30pm.

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