Position Tent installer in Houston

Submitted by: John Escalante | Email: Tazmancho@yahoo.com | URL: http://

Hi. I am John. Deaf guy. I needing someone willing to work position in Northwest Houston Tx. I am only 1 deaf with many hearing people. Need sign language or deaf or hoh people . Text me at 8322586264 or chat this room as So anyone willing to work hard and long hours. Reference by my name. My job name is Prestigious Event Rentals. Thank you. John Escalante

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2 responses to “Position Tent installer in Houston”

  1. Monses Rocha says:

    Hi, I Deaf/Hard of Hearing and I new to Houston,Tx and just moved here from March 2013 so I looking for a jobs and wonder if this position Tent Installer still available? And who will I contract to so should I text person on this number ? Let me know as soon. Thanks!

  2. Monses Rocha says:

    I trying reach someone name John about jobs Tent and I did text him and hasn’t hear anything from him so can everybody let me k ow about this jobs is still open or not. Let me know as soon. Thanks!

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