Part-Time Interpreter & CART @ Lone Star College

Part-Time with Benefits per Lone Star College System HR
1) The Part-timer has to work a minimum of 20 hours a week for the college
to pay benefits

2) If the part-timer works under 20 hours a week then the employee is
still benefits eligible (they can still keep the college’s benefits) but the
amount that the college normally pays will be prorated on weeks that the
part-timer does not fulfill the 20-hours a week. Times when the college is normally closed ie: Christmas break, all holidays, May minimester do not
count against you. You will not be expected to work 20 hours those weeks and
the college will cover your benefits during that time.

3) A look at our calendar will give you an idea of the Fall and Spring
semester dates:

4) The part-timer will be paid through web time entry at their current
regular rate. Interpreter/Captionist Rates:
$26.25 Level 1 Interpreter
$31.50 Level 2 Interpreter – BEI: Basic
$36.75 Level 3 Interpreter – CSC / CI or CT / NIC
$42.00 Level 4 Interpreter – CI & CT/ BEI: Advanced / NIC: Advanced
$47.25 Level 5 Interpreter – BEI: Master / NIC: Master / Court / SC:L

5) There is no sick leave, vacation time, jury duty time etc… The
part-timer will only be paid for what they worked.

Part-Time with Benefits per Management perspective
1) Part-timer needs to be at least a Texas Level III (or equivalent),
BEI: Advanced or NIC. Must feel very comfortable and able to hold their own
in environments where extensive voicing is necessary. Ie: Deaf Culture,
Deaf Community classes. BEI: Basics will be considered if they have had
prior voicing experience in the above environments.

2) Part-timer needs to have the ability/willingness to go to any of the
LSCS campuses. (Majority of work will be at LSC-NH or LSC-CF however a
willingness to travel will guarantee you the hours that you need to maintain

3) Most of the work will fall M-TH 8:30a – 3:00pm, however, should such work
not be available then the part-timer may need to work on the weekends or at
night. Options will be given to the part-timer but essentially getting in
the minimum of 20-hours a week is the responsibility of the part-timer.

4) More than likely during Fall and Spring semesters management can offer
close to 30 hours a week or more if the part-timer is willing to work nights
or on weekends.

5) It is essential that the attitude of the part-timer hired for this
position have the ability/willingness to team with all LSCS full and part
time staff as well as the capabilities of interpreting for a variety of
courses whether they be high level academic courses or developmental.

6) Interested applicants need to demonstrate a high level of professionalism
and ethics and the ability to be put anywhere with anyone to help ensure
services are provided to students/faculty of LSCS.

7) At this time I cannot guarantee that I will have 20 hours a week
during Summer I and Summer II. I’m currently waiting to hear back from HR
how much it would cost for June, July and half of August to pay in for the
benefits. HR thought it could be roughly $300/month with no dependents but
I’m waiting for a formal confirmation

To apply:
1) go to
2) Click Employment
3) Click Job Seekers
4) Click Search and Apply NOW!
5) Click Search Postings
6) Search using the posting number 00PT89


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3 responses to “Part-Time Interpreter & CART @ Lone Star College”

  1. aimee collins says:

    hey, my name is aimee. i’m really interested in being an interpreter. i’ve been signing all my life, as both of my parents are hearing impaired.. but the only thing to it is that i’m only fifteen, and so i was wondering if my age would it be a problem? well thanks for your time and it’d be awesome if you get back to me, thanks.

  2. Longster says:

    Hi Aimee, you may want to contact Leyel Hudson at She is a Professor of Interpreter Training at Lone Star College-CyFair. Perhaps she could help you despite of your age. Good luck!

  3. Mahin says:

    hi, 🙂

    i want to become an interpreter too… i’ll be graduating in a year from high school and i already have decided to go to lonestar CyFair. my high school ASL teacher said that lonestar is a really good place for ASL. i’m so excited!

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