On-Line Fundraising to Help Pastor Craig and his wife, Barbara in her fight aganist Breast Cancer

Barbara Craig, wife of Arthur Craig, pastor to the deaf at Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church in Houston, TX. Barbara Craig was born and raised in Georgia. She married Arthur Craig and had resided in South Carolina. She was interested in taking sign language class and asked her husband to accompany her to the classes. That was the moment that Arthur Craig had a calling–to minister to the deaf.

They moved to Fort Worth, Texas so Arthur Craig could attend seminary school. After the graduation, Arthur got a job in Houston to be a pastor of Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church.

Together, they dedicates their lives to Lord. They helped minister to the deaf community in Houston and does numerous of missionaries all over the world. While the resources for the deaf in Houston are very limited, the deaf people often rely on Pastor Craig and his wife, and they would give up their personal time to assist them and their families. They are very remarkable couple who are most selfless people I ever known.

Pastor Craig and his wife’s youngest son, Brian was killed in Afghanistan in 2002. Pastor Craig serves as a Chaplain of EOD Memorial and help families of loved ones who died in the war every year in Florida.

Last May, Pastor Craig was scheduled to take a flight to Africa to do missionary work for the deaf in the village, he got the news that Barbara’s diagnois, the cancer have returned but this time it has been extremely aggressive. It has spread to her lung, liver and spinal. She is truly remarkable breast cancer survivor and yet this did not deter her from working at the office at Woodhaven Baptist Deaf church, and helping the deaf community.

Barbara and her family will incur many out-of-pocket expenses. I hope by having this fundraising campaign will help to allieviate some of the financial burden and will enable their family to focus on Barbara’s recovery. The campaign goal is set at $5,000. Let’s show them the support by raising the fund to help the family!

Here is the link to the donation page for you to contribute.


Please take time to pray for Barbara and her family.

If you are unable to contribute, please pray and help us to get our word out to help the Craig family.

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