New Directions for Houston Deaf Forum

As some of you know Brad Porche and myself had been looking into trying to help the Houston Community to try to establish a Deaf Center.  And during our efforts of trying to set up the center we have crossed paths with different organizations that do provide services.  

Now with due respect, with the current economy, with the government cutting their spending, organizations are donating less and less to the non-profit organizations.   Agencies/Non-Profit organizations are closing all over the U.S. we feel that it would not be feasible to try to establish a center at this time.   Even though it is still a goal and a common ground we would like to achieve but the opportunity would be very limited.   So with this in mind – we are looking to suspend the Houston Deaf Forum but what we will continue to work on is trying to bring the community together to work together. 

We will continue to post on the Houston Deaf Network and will try to become more proactive by posting more information for the community at HDN.  So our first step would be to utilize Houston Deaf Network (HDN) as our resources to find ways to improve the services to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

The idea/concept is NOT dead , but just merely on hold until the economy gets better and the government and more increase their spending rather than cut their spending.

We “Thank” you for your support and look forward to the day we can bring a center here in Houston.

Sincerely Yours,

Houston Deaf Forum

The February 27th meeting will be cancelled.

About Billy Koch

Billy Koch, a deaf professional who works in the IT industry, currently works for The Methodist Hospital System for MITIE as a IT Project Coordinator. Billy has over 15 years of IT experience behind him. Billy is the son of a deaf parents, and has a deaf brother as well. He grew up in a mainstream program with no deaf education program. He was first exposed to the deaf culture when he attended Gallaudet University for his Bachelors from 91-96. Billy has a MBA from West Texas A&M, and is currently the Executive Director of Greater Houston Deaf Connections, a non-profit organizations that focuses on education, advocacy, and support for deaf and hard of hearing people. He is an aspiring guy who wants to also educate the community of what they can do and what they can achieve.

5 responses to “New Directions for Houston Deaf Forum”

  1. Hello! This message is for Billy Koch and anyone else interested/knowledgeable about web accessibility. I read here in the “about” Billy Koch that Billy does web development work on the side and has over 14 years of IT experience.

    I’m submitting the link to our introduction/welcome page. You can see me in the ASL vlog. I’m hoping Billy will contact me directly!

    I am the Assistant Accessibility Editor here at the University of Texas at Austin and also work for the National Association of the Deaf as their Ambassador from 2010-2012.

    Thanks for your time!

    all best,
    Rachel Mazique

  2. Doc Howard says:

    Although I realize from reading your statement that it appears you want a place of your own, consider this… Why not establish a center in a facility well situated in the Houston area and build upon that? First Methodist Downtown has a great deal of space and is currently undergoing building modification to better assess the needs of the community. It is downtown, very close to HCC main campus, directly on the Metro train route with a stop right out front; and the financial support to assist the DHH community to grow and be on it’s own in the future. I am sure we could make great things happen. Is this way out of the scope of possibility?

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