Need intervener for Deafblind person

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Hello! I have a 19 year old Deafblind daughter, who studies in Austin and comes home on weekends and holidays. We live in Bellaire, Texas, and I am looking for someone to spend time with her and help her improve her communication and self-help skills. She communicates via tactile, co-active ASL.

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One response to “Need intervener for Deafblind person”

  1. Wendy Wakefield says:


    My name is Wendy Kim Wakefield, and I have lived in Houston for 20 years. My family and I are hearing, and we are part of an ASL congregation. We provide volunteer services such as bible education, free educational meetings for the deaf, and one on one bible study and friendship. Our goal is to bring ones we meet into having a personal relationship and connection with our creator and finding happiness and peace through that relationship as we discover Gods purpose for us. I would be happy to meet your daughter and demonstrate a bible study with her.

    Regards, and we wish your family all the best.


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