MMA and Self Defense for the Deaf

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My name is John, I’m an martial arts instructor here in Houston. I work for Elite MMA located on the Southwest. I would like to provide a self defense and Mixed Martial Arts program for the deaf community in Houston. How does that sound for everybody? I would like to know if anyone is interested and my goal is to get started on May 7th and have the workshop available once a month for a 6 month time period. Need help because I need translators and volunteers. You guys can email me at Would like to see what you guys think and how many of you would be interested.

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3 responses to “MMA and Self Defense for the Deaf”

  1. amy mata says:

    I am a GO for this … I cannot wait for classes to start! yay!

  2. Vantrell says:

    hey I know I took karate from age 4 to 15 years old but the only problem I have is I forgot some of my karate skill and I wonder if you can help me I really wanna joint this class is it open?

  3. Anisa Faruqi says:

    I took Karate from 1996-2001. This sounds like SOOO much fun.

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