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Hi, I work for a company that provides a product which I believe would benefit those in the hearing impaired community. Subscribers to the card can upload their health history, medications, physician and pharmacy information, as well as emergency contacts as well as documents such as living wills, power of attorney, and in the case of minors, consent to treat forms. The name of the card is WellCase Emergency.

The card can by accessed by medical personnel via a smartphone reading the QR code located on the card, via the website, or by calling the toll-free number. As the Houston Area Manager of WellCase, I am authorized to offer subtantial discounts to groups/organizations that purchase in bulk. Please go to the following link for a demo of the card

If you think this would be something of interest to your members, please contact me. Thank you,

Kimberly Wilbourn
Houston Area Manager

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  1. PIN for the demo is 1234


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