Looking official work for educated deaf people

Submitted by: Pema Tamang | Email: Pema_lama@icloud.com | URL: http://pemalama

I’m minor deaf man of 28. I lost my half hearing power when I was 18. Deapite of my disability I did my bachelor degree with major English in one of the well known university of Nepal in Asia. My spoken and written English is good. Now I am in houston USA looking to involve and work in welfare organization and program serving disabled people like me. I hope to be contacted and helped by deaf houston network and other welfare organization for better job that can make my life bright and meaningful.

I would like to share the experience of my life with organization and personality Who are caring and helping the helpless people to live meaningful life.

You can contact me at: pema_lama@icloud.com or at kumarlonely236@gmail.com

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