Interpreter/Employment Specialist needed

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Career & Recovery Resources, Inc (CRR) is looking for someone interested in working as an interpreter/Employment Specialist. The position is part-time. A cover letter, resume and completed agency application needs to be sent to Kathy Walters at

ASLInt-EmploymentSp.doc (35 KB)

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2 responses to “Interpreter/Employment Specialist needed”

  1. Hello Kathy , how are you ? this is me my name is Neosha Holman and the reason to looking network online and I found one (CRR) and also I really want to know will be able to set for an appoiment and what s best time so can send email to me and i would like to helping and looking better a jobs and take colleage either . hope hear from you as soon as possbile !
    Thanks ,

  2. Lilya Gehman says:

    Hi I am a junior in high school and I am really interested in getting a career as an ASL interpreter. I’m looking around at what colleges have majors in sign language interpretation. I’m also gettin a head tart at looking for jobs an I was wondering if I could have some information on how to go about it. I already know quite a bit of sign language but I want to put it to use by helping others in life.

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