HS students perform play in sign language

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The Woodlands High School Theater Department presents Tribes, a contemporary drama, centered around a young man by the name of Billy, who was born deaf. He is the youngest out of three adult siblings, and his family could be described as far from the term “accepting”. As an audience we learn that being raised to read lips has arisen many unknown issues for Billy, and he finally understands these struggles once he meets a young woman by the name of Sylvia. This woman, who is on the brink of deafness herself, grew up using American Sign Language, and with her knowledge she helps open the eyes of Billy as he is introduced to new perspectives that challenge everything that life has been defined as up to this point. Tribes confronts the struggle to find a voice when you’re aware you will not be heard, and how language not only locks people out, but also opens us up to an entire new world. Tribes will be shown from March 30th, through April 1st at 7pm, with a matinee showing on April 1st at 2pm as well. Tickets will be $8 for students and $10 for adults! For more information please visit TWHStheater.com

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