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I am a Social Worker who works in a Psychiatric Hospital in Houston. Recently I had a young man on one of our units who needed placement, as his family are not in the position to care for him due to their own issues. Although he has some anger issues I believed most of his issues came from frustration.

Being deaf, and 25 he is not doing anything constructive to feel good about his own self. He does have a potential to do more. However, it was heart breaking trying to find him a place to live because I could not find any group homes or places for the deaf homeless persons. To place a deaf person in a home with only Mentally ill persons is not a help to his situation.

I like to ask all of you readers out there . Are there any living homes, apt. , group homes for the deaf in Houston, Katy, Cypress areas? All of your information is so appreciated. I know I will once again be helping another individual in the future with same needs and I want to be better prepared. Thank you.


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  1. Popeye says:

    Try talk to Pastor Arthur Craig at WoodHaven Baptist Deaf Church on in area of Geneser and Long Point. , and he may know about that.

    Hope you are able to find him a good place to stay ?

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