GHID WORKSHOP Ethical Considerations: Interpersonal Abuse and Individuals Who Are Deaf

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Our presenters from Safe Place and Advocacy, Inc have designed a full day of training for ASL interpreters. The training will provide interpreters an opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of violence perpetrated against Deaf individuals. In addition, the effects of these dynamics on the interpreter when called to situations involving sexual or domestic violence will also be addressed. This training will support participants in applying the interpreter Code of Ethics in situations encountered when responding to incidences of domestic and sexual violence. Attorneys with Advocacy, Inc. will co-facilitate the training and co-facilitate processing of scenarios. The scenarios are specifically designed to provide opportunities to brainstorm responses that keep both the Deaf survivor’s and the interpreter’s well-being at the forefront in interpreting situations based on the NAD/RID Code of Ethics.

Participants will:

1. Form an increased knowledge base regarding the dynamics of violence perpetrated against Deaf individuals in the interpreter’s work with survivors of abuse/violence.
2. Describe areas where personal barriers may arise in providing effective interpreter services for Deaf survivors of violence.
3. Identify the potential impact that traumatic experiences such as violence and abuse can have on both clients and interpreters.
4. Apply critical thinking skills used in potential settings that interpreters may encounter using the application of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct. Specific attention will be given to issues related to confidentiality, professional boundaries and secondary trauma/self-care.

This workshop was developed by licensed professional Deaf services counselors and attorneys including Faye Kuo, a Deaf attorney previously with Advocacy, Inc in Austin, Texas.

(Primary focus is interpreters on the job, however, this workshop will offer an in-depth look into the unique dynamic of abuse of Deaf individuals and is beneficial for all who work with Deaf populations specifically mental health counselors, educators, social workers, and law enforcement.)

RID and BEI Ethics CEU’s will be provided for .6 hours at the some knowledge level
For more information or to register check out or contact Jo Westbury

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