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My name is Myo Htut. I am your local Representative and responsible for VPAD and Ojo videophones’ installations. I am here to remind you that I am still serving for you. Since ViableVRS is now operated by Snap!VRS, I have good news to share with you. Our services and products are improving for the excellent qualities of your needs.

If you don’t have VPAD, this is your chance to apply for FREE VPAD. But be aware that you will be only qualified for one first generation VPAD. VPAD+ have been suspended due to FCC investigation. It could take awhile. But no worries, VPAD+ will be on sale again. We are currently offering a free VPAD+ contest, which is available at our facebook page: The contest ends October 15. Afterwards we will be offering the VPAD+ on an as-available basis.

VPAD offers:

– an innovative 10-inch touch screen interface,
– a built-in multi-colors flasher so you don’t miss any calls,
– the capability to be hooked up to a TV,
– Ethernet,
– SD memory card diver,
– USB port,
– Headset-microphone inputs

Swap Program
If you have Ojo, we can swap your Ojo to VPAD.

If you’re interested, call our customer support from any videophones.

Customer Support: 866-949-7627

Have a good one!

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9 responses to “FREE VPAD!”

  1. Steffany says:

    Hey, I’d love to get a free VPad! Although, where Do I go to apply for one???? Please let me know!!

  2. Snap!VRS says:

    Steffany, contact Snap!VRS Customer Service by calling 866-949-7627 from any VP or e-mailing

  3. Anna Mullins says:

    i want tell u that i wannna surprise for my daugher and she is hearing and skill sign lang good i wanna free one for her or under mine

  4. Judy says:

    Do I have to be a resident of Texas to qualify for VPad? I’m from Illinois.

  5. Longster says:

    Judy, I don’t believe so. You can contact snapvrs for more info at

  6. Antoine says:

    I did like to get a free vpad

  7. Carrie McCarthy says:


  8. kenney says:

    would love free vpad

  9. Harold degro says:

    I see can’t though this new vpad free,day now ,today.I’m okay wake iPad one this not camrea., not vpad.back last ago 2009 year.not have camera this vpad and not have vrs.poor very high.

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