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What is DPHH?
Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH)

Who is DPHH for?
As the name suggests, DPHH is primarily for working deaf professionals in the Greater Houston area. Since the passage of ADA and other disability-related legislation, more deaf people have access to higher education and are entering the professional workforce.

Are hearing people allowed to attend DPHH?
YES, hearing people are encouraged to attend. Many sign language interpreters and other hearing professionals enjoy attending DPHH as it is an opportunity to meet old and new friends and to improve signing skills. If you are not a signer, you may want to bring a friend as the DPHH environment can sometimes be overwhelming!!

Who organizes DPHH?
DPHH events are organized by the DPHH Planning Committee. Committee members are volunteers who works together to select locations, handle logistics and address any issues that may arise.

When are DPHH events announced?
We will send a notification approximately 7-10 days before the event ­ usually on the Friday before the second Saturday of the month.

How are DPHH locations chosen?
The DPHH Planning Committee solicits recommendation from DPHH attendees. We also choose a variety of venues including pubs, upscale lounges, sports bars, and nightclubs. We understand and respect that it is difficult to satisfy different preferences.

Will DPHH locations and bartenders be deaf-friendly?
The DPHH Planning Committee informs the management at each venue about our event. We also encourage that bartenders be sensitive to unique communication needs and that they have paper and pen ready for deaf patrons.

How can I recommend a location or other ideas to DPHH?
Send an email to us here.

How can I apply to become a DPHH Planning Committee member?
Send an email stating your interest and why you want to participate.

How can I support DPHH?
Buy a drink and give tips! Be sure to thank bartenders for their sensitivity and welcoming DPHH! Be appreciative of and thankful for the DPHH Planning Committee’s hard work! Also, we need your feedback to ensure that we are doing our best to accommodate the various preferences and needs of our community!

Why is tipping important?
If you want a good service by the bartenders, then give good tips. They will serve you better than others to seek more tipping from you.

Why is DPHH on Saturday instead of Friday?
Due to bad traffic all over the Greater Houston Area on Friday afternoons/evenings, the DPHH Planning Committee wants everyone to be part of the event by hosting it on 2nd Saturday of the month.

How do I set my own icon in the comment area?
Visit GRAVATAR, register and upload your image there. It’s all free!