Deaf Youth Lock-In for Houston City-Wide Deaf Students from Middle schools to College Level Deaf Students

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Deaf Youth Lock-In For Houston Deaf Students

• Pastor Mark and I, Becky Jungklaus, are planning to have 2nd deaf youth lock-in at St. John Lutheran Church for the Deaf, 15235 Spring Cypress, TX 77429. This church is located in Cypress area (northwest Houston).

• Many of you already know Pastor Mark Seeger. For more than 40 years Pastor Seeger has served God by helping Deaf teens to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior.

• What is Deaf Youth Lock-in? The purpose of the lock-in is to bond together as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and your kids will learn more about Jesus. During the lock-in your child will have a Bible study, playing games/sports, Dancing with Zumba music, Signing with band, making pizzas for snacks, watching DVDs movies and may be up all night chatting with their friends. This lock-in will give your child opportunities to discuss what is going on in their lives and what we can do to help.

• If you can’t bring your child to church, do not worry. We will make transportation arrangements for our Houston Deaf and Hearing drivers to pick up your child, take him or her to the lock-in and then bring your child back to your house by Saturday early afternoon.

• If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at

Please sign and return this form by August 1, 2015

Deaf Youth Lock-In – Friday-Saturday, August 7 to 8, 2015
• Location: St. John Lutheran Church, 15235 Spring Cypress, TX 77429

• Purpose: To let young Deaf Teens bond together in the Church through Jesus Christ and help your kids learn more about Jesus. In addition it will give your child a chance to chat with his/her deaf friends.

• Cost: Free

• Means of Transportation: You can bring your child to church or we will pick up your child.

• Time: Friday 6:00 pm to Saturday 11:00 am

Permission forms are required. Please contact me (see above) and I will send you permission forms. The dead line is August 1.
Becky Jungklaus

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