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As a Deafness Resource Specialist, I will provide Deaf Self Advocacy Training starting next Thursday, Sept 23 and it will last till Novembeer 18- every Thursday- Sept 23-Nov 18. This training is FREE and CAAG is providing the refreshments at the end of training so we can have time for questions and answers.

Do these ‘quotes’ statements familar to you? Do you ever say that? Are you so frustrating?
– “The doctor refuse to provide me an interpreter? What should I do?”
– “I go to college and they are not providing me CART services. Pls help me”
– “I am tired of fighting for my rights.”
– “I try to convince my doctor to provide me sign langauge interpreter to discuss about my medical issues. I don’t understand what I am supposed to do”
– “I will have surgery. I need an interpreter for pre surgery, and during recovery and post surgery but the doctor is not providing me sign language interpreter!!!” Im scared!
– “I have a low self esteem”
– “What is ADA”

Remember if you need an accomodation- please let me know 3 business days and we will work with you on an accomodation you need.

LillianBeardDeafConnectionCenter_MonthlyScheduleFall2010] (PDF)

I will see you all there on Sept 23, 2010!

Jana Bielfeldt
Deafness Resource Specialist 6b
Voice/VP: 832.431.3844
Z4: 713-535-9765
Text# 832-454-2449
AIM: DRSJanaAccess

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