Deaf Self Advocacy Training Class

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I am excited to offer you that I will teach Deaf Self Advocacy Training class starting February 3, every Thursday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Basically we will do-

– Jeopardy Game (Tv style) ADA – we will discuss about ADA law and how we understand how rights for communication access
– How we address the business we need an interpreter for effective communication
-if the doctor or business say the interpreter cost too much – how we explain to the business proper way why the interpreters can be costly
– did you know the interpreters have rules – professional rules how to behave and respect you as consumers- and you have a right to ask the interpreter what is their name, their certification level, etc.
– when the business or doctor say no they refuse to provide you an interpreter, what should we do?!
– are you prepared to talk the doctors or business if they say no.
many more issues.

COME TO THE CLASS and we will have fun!


LillianBeardDeafConnectionCenter_MonthlyScheduleSpring2011.pdf (680 KB)

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