Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th

I have volunteered to be a writer for the Deaf Protest/March Rally and there will be a pre-march meeting taking place today (June 9th) at Memorial City Mall (Food Court) at 7 o clock pm.

As a contributing member of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community, I would strongly encourage you to attend and participate. Like Billy Koch previously said, “It takes a community.” A community is one of the most valuable thing a Deaf/Hard of Hearing individual can have because not only the support is there but knowing what is going on is important as well. I plan on attending, write (blog), and participate about the meeting and I ask of you to do the same to blog and participate. Therefore, the message will be heard through the blogosphere, Facebook, etc. One person cannot do it all but many of you have the will power to make a difference.

This is my opinion before the meeting and I have many questions to ask. Does the Founder and Co-Founder have a plan? If so, what is it? Have they exhaust all means of communication (contacting members of the community)? Are they well prepared for a long struggle (it may take years, I expect them to not give up)? Vice versa.

Those are the kind of questions I will be asking, not because I want to see the protest to come with results, but because it is part of me. As a Deaf individual, I want to ensure that my opinion and rights are heard. It is not just one person but a community as whole.

Please show up and participate, remember…”It takes a community” – Billy Koch

Here is a flyer – Deaf Protest

About Bradley Porche

Bradley Porche is a High School Teacher for the Deaf at Clear Creek ISD. He is also a professor at Houston Community College and a Deaf Activist. You can see his website at or follow him on Twitter @porcheb .

4 responses to “Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th”

  1. Long Duong says:

    I totally forgot the meeting was today. How did it go? Protest still on or still planning?

  2. Julie Reese says:

    Looking forward to hearing about it, Brad!

  3. Bradley Porche says:

    Will post the pre-protest meeting soon! Hold on… just a few more hours.

  4. Rahim says:

    will again next monday or tuesday maybe will have a meeting and bradley will let all deaf know where at meeting

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