Deaf Immersion Night

Have you wonder what it is like to be a deaf person in a big hearing world? Come over and you will participate in real life scenario and everything will be done in ASL, notepad writing and various communication methods –without using voice. You will be giving notepad and scenario cards. You will have experience that will give you a great insight and understanding of Deaf Culture, communication, barriers and other life challenges!

Friday, November 12th
7pm to 9pm

Refreshment will be provided
Registration: $10 at the door

The Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center
9920 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX 77055

If you are interested or have any question 713-467-3325 or 832-413-6266

There will be Voice Cops – Don’t let us catch you using your voice!

All proceeds will be used to support the Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center to support deaf programs and services.

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