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Hi everyone,

I have a 100% deaf cat that I am looking to rehome. His name is Lemmy, and he is very friendly with a great sense of character. I adopted Lemmy in early 2016 when I lived in Colorado, and he is almost 3 years old. He is the perfect cat: LOVES humans and attention, and loves some good lap time. He doesn’t mind a good belly scratch (almost like a dog), and never complains or shies away from being touched. He also loves to play and is very agile.

Since Lemmy cannot hear himself, he has a particularly loud meow. On top of his lack of hearing, he also has some balance issues. I don’t know if the deafness and bad balance are a result of head trauma when he was young, or if he was born that way. Although, since he has no hearing he has especially good eyesight and sense of smell. Additionally, due to the lack of hearing Lemmy is an indoor-only cat.

It breaks my heart to seek to rehome him, but I want to find the right person to take care of him. Due to his loud meowing habits, it has been difficult for me to sleep at night and it has started to interfere with work (I am not deaf and just moved to a 1 bedroom apartment). Additionally, I have started a new job that requires frequent travel and I am no longer able to give him the time and attention he needs.

Lemmy needs someone who will love him as much as he loves humans, and where his meowing won’t be bothersome. I am reaching out to the Houston deaf community in hopes that there is someone who’s looking for a cat that they can bond with, and won’t be kept up at night due to his meowing. He is up to date on all vaccinations and is neutered, and will come with all pet supplies that I have for free.

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