We invite you to apply to become a part of HDN team. The qualifications are simple. First, you must have at least a college degree, preferrably a Bachelor Degree or above. Second, you are willing to commit your time at least a few hours per month. Third, you embrace the commitment to fairness, objectivity, and quality.

There are several roles you can choose from:

  • Editors oversee specific subject areas in Deaf community. They approve, recommend for revision, or decline articles, and help set overall content. Editors are also encouraged to contribute articles in their areas of expertise.
  • Authors contribute content by contributing articles and/or expanding existing articles in their areas of expertise.
  • Contributors may post whatever articles it may be, but only Editors will review, approve, deny and ensure posts are in the appropriate place.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please provide the following information below.

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