Chatpal: The new app for chat

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with ASL. Yet, situations can generally call for us to communicate with these individuals to simply get information or perform tasks. Lip reading offers some relief, but is not always reliable. Why not just send them a quick text?

Introducing CHATPAL: a hyper-local (within 300 feet around YOU) social messenger app. SMALL [TALK] CHAT MADE EASY! It’s FREE. It’s PRIVATE. It’s CONVENIENT. It’s FREEDOM without the butterflies. Chat. Ask. Discuss. Share. Broadcast. Flirt. Ramble. Just look around, connect with users immediately around you, your C-Pals, and make that small [talk] chat.

Coffee shops, bars, airports, traffic–you name it, there are countless paths you cross folks you personally DON’T know. But wish you had a quick or long talk with. Chat is in. Messaging is in. Hyper-local messaging is uber in.

Enter ChatPal. And message C-Pals. Only within 300 feet, you say? That’s a lot of ground to cover, we say! Chat with a future friend at the other end of a coffee shop or a bar, ping another driver in a traffic jam, broadcast an announcement at a concert, or chat with a C-Pal during an emergency. One-on-one, One-to-many, Group Broadcasts–with C-Pals. ALL this WITHOUT a user’s contact details or compromising your own PRIVACY. Much like in the real world? Yup! But much more. That’s what we are talkin’ about..a’hem chatting about.

And YES, we can….

+ Keep all personal details PRIVATE–name, number, yada yada- unless you feel like sharing

+ Chat with MULTIPLE users at the same time

+ SEE who you are having a chat with 
+ CLOAK yourself from being seen but be able to SEE nearby users

+ BLOCK users you don’t want to chat with

+ FILTER users you may want to chat with

+ RATE other users 
+ AUTO DELETE messages and users when you leave an area

+ BROADCAST a message to all users in your vicinity

ChatPal. Connect with C-Pals around you.


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