Certified Interpreters Wanted

Looking for Certified Interpreters to work in a quality Deaf Education program. See CFISD’s website: Employment Opportunity for more details.

For more information contact,
Jennifer Prigge

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District An Equal Opportunity Employer

Applying for this posting places your name into a pool of applicants who wish to be considered for an Interpreter for the Deaf position as they become available.

1. High school diploma or GED equivalency;
2. Associate’s degree or higher related to Interpreting or the field of Deafness preferred;
3. Certificate in Interpreting issued by either the Board of Evaluation of Interpreters or the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Out of state certification will be honored with the stipulation that Texas or RID certification is acquired within one year;
4. Experience in working with children.

Terms of employment:
Annual Contract: 187 days

Salary Range (based on experience) as set by the Board of Trustees for the school year 2011-2012
Pay Grade Administrative/Professional (AP-R)

Beginning salary: $28,568 plus stipend
Level I or Basic- $2,500, Level II, CI/CT, SC, IC/TC, NIC- $3,500,
Level III or Advanced (BEI or NIC)- $4,500

Inquiries should be made to:
Sandy Chance
Coordinator of Deaf Education
Phone: 281-897-6425
Email: sandra.chance@cfisd.net

Applications accepted online.

For information:
Human Resources
10300 Jones Road, Room 238
Houston, Texas 77065
Phone: 281-897-4163
Fax: 281-517-2826
E-mail: janette.camp@cfisd.net
Apply Online

Deadline for application:
Applications taken year round

1. Interpret/transliterate according to the specifications of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

2. Be informed, monitor and report to the deaf education tracking teacher when concerns arise about the student’s modifications as approved by the Admissions Review Dismissal committee (ARD).

3. Become and remain well-versed in course material in order to demonstrate competency in the interpreting/or transliterating proves.

4. Interact in a professional manner with administrators, teachers, staff, students, visitors or individuals unfamiliar with the educational setting.

5. Assist with in class support in either the self contained deaf education setting or the mainstream setting (i.e. small group instruction, individual tutoring, reading aloud (sign) or as requested by the teacher in the classroom).

6. Assist in providing general supervision to deaf students (i.e. playground, lunchroom, bus loading/unloading, escorting students during transition periods).

7. Demonstrate flexibility when role shifts take place (i.e. in class support vs. interpreting in self-contained deaf education setting or in class support in the mainstream setting).

8. Demonstrate understanding of assignment qualifications.

9. Participate in continuing professional growth as required by the certification governing body (Board for Evaluation of Interpreters- BEI).

10. Demonstrate professionalism in all ethical areas, including student confidentiality.

11. Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher, principal or Coordinator of the NWHCC or as determined by specific area of assignment.



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