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Crime Victims’ Rights and HPD Victim Services

RespondBy | Jan.21, 2014 | Filed in: Community,Law,Support

The next Deaf PIP meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM located 9920 Long Point (Woodhaven Church)

This month, our topic presentation will be: “Crime Victims’ Rights and HPD Victim Services”.

This informative presentation will outline the statistics of the population that are victimized and also include information on crime victims’ rights and HPD victim services the event that one becomes the victim of crime.

Door Prizes!
Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to make a dish or bring chips or soft drinks for this meeting, please e-mail me at Hope to see you there.

Woodhaven Church for the Deaf
9920 Long Point

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

From: Officer James Sobota
Voice # 713-308-9079
Interpreter and captioning provided

Deaf and Hard of Hearing “Positive Interaction Program”

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Terrorism Prevention & “The Beauty of Bees”. 2013 American Honey Queen, Caroline Adams, will present about Public Safety regarding the three kinds of honey bees, the role of a beekeeper, the many uses and benefits of honey, and how bees impact our daily lives.
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HPD Police Week

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The Houston Police Department will observe National Police Week and will welcome the Deaf / Hard of Hearing community on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 with American Sign Language Interpreters to aid in communication. continue »

Positive Interaction Program

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The Deaf Community and the Houston Police Department will have their educational and supportive meeting at Woodhaven Deaf Baptist Church, 9920 Long Point Drive on June 5 Tuesday starting at 7 pm. This will be a very important meeting continue »

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Class on Effective Communication

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Free Seminar by the Houston Bar Association and the Montrose Counseling Center. HIV/AIDS and the Law. continue »

HIV/AIDS and the Law

RespondBy | Apr.11, 2010 | Filed in: Law

The Houston Bar Assoc. AIDS Outeach Committee and the Montrose Counseling Center are sponsoring a free seminar for persons living with HIV/AIDS, their attorneys, health care providers, family members, partners and friends. Come and learn how to fight continue »