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Abshire Interpreting Services

Abshire Interpreting Services is a newly transplanted business to the Golden Triangle area. Abshire Interpreting is owned and operated by Paige M. Abshire, a certified Sign Language Interpreter, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of interpreting. She holds Level III certification in the state of Texas and is a trained C-Print Captionist.

P. O. Box 22864
Beaumont, TX 77720-2864
Mobile: (979) 218-7533 V/Text
Phone: (409) 243-3358 V
E-mail: or

Accessible Signs

Hospitals and courtrooms are scary enough as it is; imagine the challenges faced by someone who is deaf. While it is necessary and legally mandated for the deaf to have the provision of an interpreter, it can be a daunting task to properly accommodate these needs. Many people are unaware of all that is entailed in meeting ADA requirements. For example, it is unethical and unacceptable to expect a family member to serve as interpreter because he or she must remain objective and may not be qualified to give sufficient representation. All of our interpreters are certified and have undergone specialized training so that they can fulfill their role with discretion, professionalism, and confidentiality.

P.O. Box 10126
Houston, Texas 77206-0126
Voice: 713-263-9670
TTY: 713-263-8299
Fax: 713-263-9737
After Hours Emergency Line 713-501-8273

Communication Axess Ability Group

Communication Axess Ability Group – CAAG – serving the Communication Access needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The company’s goal is to become the business, social and cultural center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Texas. We strive to accomplish this by utilizing the latest technologies to provide a broader range of communication services to deaf or hard of hearing consumers.

1445 No Loop West, Ste 310
Houston, TX 77008
Phone: 713-807-1176
Fax: 713-807-1238

Johnson Interpreting Services

440 N. 18th, Suite 3
Beaumont, Texas 77707
Telephone: 409-835-6084
Fax: 409-835-7425

Nightingale Interpreter Services

3130 Grants Lake Blvd. #18631
Sugar Land, TX 77496
Phone: 713.478.4136
Fax: 713.589.2510

Sign Shares

Sign Shares is the nation’s oldest and best provider of sign language interpreting services. We’re unique in that we don’t just send interpreters to our clients; we first take the time to understand your organization’s special needs, protocols, service levels required for effective communication, budgetary and risk management issues. Then, we identify qualified professional interpreters and screen them for certification documentation, language fluency, education and experience, specialty training and knowledge of client-specific terminology. We provide documentation of service history and account administration, monthly accounting and invoicing for services rendered, and time and labor management. We’re on the job 24/7, all 365 days of the year.

99 Detering, Suite 160
Houston, Texas 77007
Phone: 713-869-4373
Fax: 713-869-8463
VP: 832-431-3854

Visual Communication Services

Visual Communication Services is your source for quality communication access solutions. We provide the highest quality of sign language interpreting, consulting, mentoring and CART services to ensure successful communication between you and individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing. Providing communication services is extremely complex. Because Visual Communication Services specializes in communication, we understand and work to meet all stakeholders’ communication needs.

13121 Louetta Road, #900
Cypress, Texas 77429
Phone 281-236-8943
Fax 281-379-2254