Financial Planning / Coaching

Mariah and her team believe in a holistic approach, not just planning for the distant future, but also for the things that are important to you now. Things like going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, saving for the school of your kids’ dreams, buying a home, purchasing a new car, starting a business, or retiring early.

With her team’s personalized approach to financial planning, they’ll help you live the life you want and the life you never dreamed you would be able to have. Mariah believes everyone deserves a plan no matter what stage of life or financial situation.

Mariah is Fluent in American Sign Language and has made it part of her teams mission to support as many people within the Deaf Community as possible.

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The Southwest ADA Center serves a wide range of audiences who are interested in or impacted by the Americans with Disabilities Act and related laws, including people with disabilities, employers, businesses, government agencies, and schools. Expert staff members are available to provide answers to your disability rights related questions, resources, training and referrals via the toll free hotline 800-949-4232! ALL CALLS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.


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Caption Call Account Manager

My name is Tyrone Allen and I’m the CaptionCall Account Manager for the Houston, TX area.

CaptionCall is the producer of captioned and amplified phones for hearing impaired individuals. During this uncertain time, our advanced, captioned phone is needed now more than ever for the at-risk and underserved. The hearing & understanding of crucial instructions are paramount! CaptionCall provides “a communication bridge to the outside world” which is vitally important to connect with loved ones, government resources, avoiding isolation and staying informed. The phone & captioning service is free

I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids in both ears, so I intimately know about the daily challenges to communication that the hearing impaired face. WE tend to “suffer in silence” because WE don’t know about all the technological advances that exist. I’m very passionate about what I get to do every day!!

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FREE Deaf Crisis Intervention

DeafLEAD provides for the Deaf community all across the country! Those two programs are:
1.Deaf Crisis Line – a 24-hour crisis hotline available for Deaf individuals who have ever been emotionally, physically or sexually abused (past or present) and are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, or who just need someone to talk to. Trained crisis workers are fluent in sign language and available 24/7/365.

2.FREE sign language interpreting for Deaf and Hard of Hearing victims of crime, as well as for shelters, law enforcement, and victim service providers working with them.

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Chatpal: The new app for chat

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with ASL. Yet, situations can generally call for us to communicate with these individuals to simply get information or perform tasks. Lip reading offers some relief, but is not always reliable. Why not just send them a quick text?

Introducing CHATPAL: a hyper-local (within 300 feet around YOU) social messenger app. SMALL [TALK] CHAT MADE EASY! It’s FREE. It’s PRIVATE. It’s CONVENIENT. It’s FREEDOM without the butterflies. Chat. Ask. Discuss. Share. Broadcast. Flirt. Ramble. Just look around, connect with users immediately around you, your C-Pals, and make that small [talk] chat.

Coffee shops, bars, airports, traffic–you name it, there are countless paths you cross folks you personally DON’T know. But wish you had a quick or long talk with. Chat is in. Messaging is in. Hyper-local messaging is uber in.

Enter ChatPal. And message C-Pals. Only within 300 feet, you say? That’s a lot of ground to cover, we say! Chat with a future friend at the other end of a coffee shop or a bar, ping another driver in a traffic jam, broadcast an announcement at a concert, or chat with a C-Pal during an emergency. One-on-one, One-to-many, Group Broadcasts–with C-Pals. ALL this WITHOUT a user’s contact details or compromising your own PRIVACY. Much like in the real world? Yup! But much more. That’s what we are talkin’ about..a’hem chatting about.

And YES, we can….

+ Keep all personal details PRIVATE–name, number, yada yada- unless you feel like sharing

+ Chat with MULTIPLE users at the same time

+ SEE who you are having a chat with 
+ CLOAK yourself from being seen but be able to SEE nearby users

+ BLOCK users you don’t want to chat with

+ FILTER users you may want to chat with

+ RATE other users 
+ AUTO DELETE messages and users when you leave an area

+ BROADCAST a message to all users in your vicinity

ChatPal. Connect with C-Pals around you.


Ami Gaston

Ami Gaston is a former educational specialist and certified teacher for deaf and hard of hearing students in Baltimore, MD. She now resides in Missouri City, Texas and is offering tutoring and consultative services for deaf and hard of hearing. Fees are extremely negotiable, and services can be provided at Stimley-Blue Ridge Library, Morris Frank HPL Express Library, and Houston Public Library-Central Library. Home tutoring is available for Missouri City residents. Please call or text (832)574-5584 for more information.


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Health and Wellness Services

CCIHS is committed to providing high-quality, affordable healthcare that is responsive to our patients’ needs. We continually strive to exceed industry standards for key quality measures for preventive and chronic care. We provide comprehensive medical services for routine health matters, ongoing health conditions and urgent health concerns.

We provide comprehensive dental services for routine matters, on-going conditions and urgent concerns. CCIHS prides itself on the fact that we don’t turn anyone away. We care for ALL patients, regardless of insurance coverage, citizenship status or level of income.

Central Care Scalable Logo

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MercyGate Church Interpreted Services

MercyGate Church is church of passionate, engaging, real, and relevant people. Our desire is to see God’s Kingdom lived out here on Earth as it is in Heaven. We create a real community that is not afraid to engage with cultures around us to share the gospel through everyday life.

Come join us!
9627 Eagle Drive
Baytown, TX 77523

Service times: Sun 8:30 am and 10:45 am and Wednesday 7:00 pm
Deaf Interpretation available Sunday 10:45 am and Wednesday 7:00 pm

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mercygate MGC Logo Vertical

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Looking for a job? Need help with school??

Career and Recovery Resources- DHHS

Looking for a job? Need help with school? Come to Career and Recovery Resources- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and sign up for an appointment or call for an appointment today at 832-413-6272 (VP) or 832-431-3785 (VP).

DHHS offer multiple classes:

• Immigration
• Driver’s License
• English Literacy
• Computer Literacy
• Finance Literacy
• Adult Education
• Tutoring

DHHS offer Job Readiness Training:
• Resume writing
• References
• Identifying job leads
• Application assistance
• Interview practice
• Interpreting (interview only)

We also have computer lab access that you can check your emails, or need help with job online applications and need help with the job assessment before submit application or use the VP to contact work or DARS.

We are currently accepting volunteers, preferably know sign language and able to communicate with the clients. If interested, please email to Tiffany at

We are located at 2525 San Jacinto, Houston, TX 77002 and ask for Tiffany Scofield at the front desk and sign on DHHS visitor log.


Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church in Tomball, TX would to invited all who are interested to join us on Sunday morning. Interpreting is available for the 9:30am Bible studies and Sunday School. The 10:45am service is interpreted.

Zion Lutheran Church
907 Hicks St. Tomball, Texas 77375

Interpreted Worship Service

10:45 am

Lutheran rose solas

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New Deaf Employment Specialist/Computer Literacy Instructor in Houston

Hello Deaf Houston Community-

Career & Recovery Resources- Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services is proud to introduce their new Employment Specialist, Computer Literacy Instructor, Tiffany Scofield.

Our Deaf & Hard of Hearing services map the path to success through education, training, and employment. These programs are run by Deaf professionals or professionals skilled in communicating with and for the Deaf. All workshops and classes are conducted in American Sign Language (ASL). Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their professional career potential by researching occupational choices, sharpening job search skills, and helping clients understand and overcome the barriers that may keep them from reaching their goal.

We offer…

•Literacy Classes: self-paced classes providing instruction in basic math, reading and writing skills for persons interested in acquiring a GED.

•Individual Tutorials: for persons seeking citizenship, driver’s license attainment, or assistance with college course work.

•Computer Literacy Classes: introduction to Windows and operation of popular computer software.

•Job-Readiness Training: teaches clients effective resume writing, interviewing techniques, job search and follow-up skills.

•Job Placement Assistance: provides job leads and assistance with contacting employers.

•Assistive Listening Devices: available for calling employment prospects.

•Interpreter: available to arrange and accompany clients on interviews.

The service is available to anyone in Greater Houston and surrounding areas. We provide services to high school graduates, college students, individuals and retirees at all education levels with varying methods of communication and disabilities.

CRR Interpreting Services (CRR) provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services in a variety of settings, including; employment, medical, education, social services, and much more. We make it a top priority to meet both the essential needs of the deaf and hard of hearing and those requesting our services. Our interpreters are experienced. We also provide trilingual interpreting (Spanish to ASL).

If you are in need of job search assistance services, please feel free to contact our office for an appointment. Please ask for, Tiffany Scofield at (832) 431- 6272(VP), Specialist/Computer Literacy Instructor, or send an email to,

If you are in need of interpreting services for a deaf or hard of hearing individual or group, please contact Director, Heba Pennington at (832) 431-3785(VP) or send an email to

We are located at 2525 San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77002 on the first floor and ask the front desk to see one of us. We accept walk in(s); however, the service is based on first come, first serve. The DHHS hours are from 9AM to 5PM.


Church Services at The Pentecostals of Katy

The POK Deaf Ministry provides interpreted services every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. First Wednesday of every month Bible Study taught by deaf person at 7:30 p.m. Other Wednesday’s interpreted services.

The Pentecostals of Katy
1941 Westborough Dr. Katy TX 77449
Tel: 281-829-2332
Contact email:


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14 Resources for Supporting Special Needs Children‏

As the mother of a special needs child – my son has autism – I understand the unique challenges that parents, families and educators of these exceptional children face daily. Many days run smoothly, but let’s face it – some days are more of a struggle than others.

In honor of school being back in full swing, which always presents many changes to our children’s routines, I decided to create a list of some of the articles I’ve come across in the past few months that shed light on many of the ways we can support our special needs kids.

As a parent who has spent many hours seeking the wisdom these resources provide, I thank you in advance for making them available to your audience!

I hope this is helpful! If you don’t want me to reach out to you again in the future, please send me an email reply and let me know (though I really hope this won’t be the case).

Thank you!

In health,
Patricia Sarmiento

Putting the Public Back in Public Health
340 S LEMON AVE #5780, WALNUT, CA 91789

ASL Friendly Woodforest Dental Associates

Donald A. Halbardier, D.D.S. welcomes clients with disabilities. My practice is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will provide auxiliary aids and services to patients with disabilities, including American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter services for patients with hearing disabilities, to ensure effective communication.

When a patient or companion requires an ASL interpreter, or other auxiliary aids or services, my practice will provide a qualified ASL interpreter who can interpret dental health terms, or other appropriate auxiliary aids or services, free of charge to the patient.

Woodforest Dental Associates
5050 FM 1960 West #126
Houston, Texas 77069
Phone: 281-440-0814

Contact info:
Woodforest Dental

Deaf Counseling Center

Deaf Counseling Center is a Deaf-owned and operated counseling and consulting practice staffed by Deaf licensed professional therapists. We specialize in working with Deaf people and their families. We provide counseling services to people who live in Houston via videophone. The URL is

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, in Houston, TX, provides interpreted services every Sunday at every service. Times are 7:15 AM, 9 AM, 11AM and 1PM. Wednesday Bible Study at 7PM is also interpreted. All other services and events, per advanced request, as available are interpreted as well. In addition, if you’d be interested in participating in our sign language choir or other ministry activities, please contact us. Be blessed!

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church
3826 Wheeler Avenue
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 748-5240 (not tty)
(713)748-2830 (fax)

Ephphatha Deaf Ministry
Contact Email:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Service is conducted in ASL (with interpreters for hearing people.)
For more information please contact the Elders below.

Services is split into 3 meetings:
Sunday School focus on the scriptures.
Auxiliaries meetings focus on other spiritual matters.
Sacrament is the main meeting where we partake the sacrament.

Sunday Services
12:20pm Sunday School
1:00pm Elder Quorum, Relief Society, Young Men & Women
Sacrament 2:00pm-3:30pm

Fallbrook Building
7699 Fallbrook Dr.
Houston, TX 770986

email: aslfallbrook@gmail

North Elders
(North of 290, 610 N, 10E)
cell: 281-866-4405
VP: 281-301-5825

South Elders
(South of 290, 610N, 10E)
cell: 713-949-7342
VP: 281-301-5836

Attorney at Law

My name is Attorney Roy W. Smith and I have been an attorney in Houston for 30+ years. I can help with all your legal needs from felony criminal cases to simple wills. Contact me today at to set up a consultation I have a staff member available to translate ASL.


CAAGVRS is a nationwide FCC Certified Video Relay Service Provider proud to be based in Houston, TX! We want Deaf Texans to be proud that they are using a Texas based VRS provider. Having been a Community Interpreting Service Provider for the last 13 years, CAAGVRS takes a unique approach to Video Relay Service. Their interpreters treat you in the same manner they would if they were interpreting for you in person! You will always get a first name and a smile when calling our interpreters. CAAGVRS’ motto is “Communication Matters” meaning your communication needs come first to us! Continue reading

Fondren Seventh-day Adventist Church

Fondren Seventh-day Adventist Church
7950 West Fuqua Drive
Missouri City, TX 77489

713.504.5108 (mobile -text)
281.835.6216 (office)

Interpreted Services as follows
Saturdays – 9:00 A.M. & 11:00 A.M.

The Church of Humble

The Church of Humble
8819 Will Clayton Pkwy
Humble, TX 77338
Pastor Myrick Johnson

All church services interpreted Wednesday bible study-7:30 p.m. Sunday morning service- 10:30 a.m.

Hosanna Fellowship Church

Connect to the vision of Hosanna, the people of Hosanna, and the ministry of Hosanna! Our goal is to see you flourish as a follower of Jesus and an important part of the church. Sunday 10am service interpreted for the deaf. Continue reading

First United Methodist Church Houston Downtown

Newly Forming Sunday School (in sign language) 9:30 AM every Sunday and Worship service w/interpreter 11:00 AM every Sunday. [FM systems available for all worship services (8:15, 9:30, 11:00)] Occasional Deaf/Hard of Hearing fellowship events beginning with focus on Deaf Awareness Month annually.

1320 Main at Clay
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: 1-800-652-2999 voice
713 412 0766 text – Deaf Leadership/Bethany Boyles
Deaf ministry info – text/skype 979 583 7121 (Julie Howard)
Deaf ministry information email: and

Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications is a provider of industry-leading communication offerings including the Sorenson Videophone, Sorenson Video Relay Service and Sorenson IP Relay. Sorenson VRS is a free service that allows anyone to conduct video relay calls through a certified ASL interpreter. Sorenson IP Relay lets you place a free relay call from either your PC or mobile device from anywhere to anyone.

For more information, please visit:

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Got Legal Problems?
If so, please contact Jose Gonzalez at Vist the website:

Deaf Globetrotters Travel

Our highly qualified agents have over 40 years combined expertise in arranging and creating travel experiences for our hearing impaired clients. We are specialists with most popular travel types and destinations today. From honeymoons to family or class reunion vacations to incentive travel for your group wants to go somewhere, we can make it happen. Lastly, we have certified sign language interpreters to accommodate on all of our escorted tours. Again, welcome to Deaf Globetrotters Travel. It will be a pleasure serving you.

9618 Oregano Circle
Houston, Texas 77036
(VP and V) 832.413.6183

Westland Baptist Church

Westland is a church of vision. You will find that we are not ordinary in any way. The loving and gifted people at Westland believe that we should be culturally relevant and biblically sound. You will find love, acceptance, discipleship, encouragement, excitment and the challenge to be all God created you to be. What you will not find is a lot of rules, regulations and religious attitudes about life, God or others.
Continue reading

St. Dominic Deaf Center

Mass in Sign Language, voice interpreters provided for hearing members.(NOT and interpreted Mass) Religious Education for Sacraments for Children Sacrament Preparation for Adults for Baptisms and Weddings Interpreters provided for Services at other Catholic Churches: eg, Funerals, Missions, etc. Mass every Sunday at 11:15am followed by social Deaf Club provides planning for monthly events
Continue reading

Texas Longhorn Painting

Premier Interior /Exterior Painting, Wall /Trim Repair & Maintenance, Wallpaper Removal, Historic Building Restoration, Cathedral Ceilings, Mural Painting, Deck Staining, Cabinet Refinishing, Pillar Installation /Replacement, Call 832-460-7802 today for a free estimate appointment and Free Paint Design Consultation.
Continue reading

Dallas Captioning

Dallas Captioning, LLC, would like to offer our live Spanish and English to Spanish captioning services for your next event. We currently provide captioning for television broadcasts, sporting events, city council meetings, corporate events, just to name few. We always meet our clients’ budgets and offer a full transcript within 42 hours of each event.

Lisa Torres

Howard Knight CPA

Howard Knight is a certified public accountant who provides accounting, tax, and financial services for businesses and individuals. Our firm is based in Houston, Texas and we work with clients around the country. We are committed to fostering long-term relationship with our customers in quality services. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality and integrity as your personal CPA.

Business: 12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77046
V/VP: 713-568-3380

Michelle Martin Massage Therapist

Looking for a signing massage therapist? Tired of being frustrated with massage companies that don’t have enough skills in sign communication to meet your needs? Contact me. I’ve been a massage therapist for over 15 years. I specialize in relaxation and upper body relief for signing professionals. Reasonable rates. Session lengths from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs. Visit my website or contact me for more information.

Name: Michelle Martin
VP or Telephone No: 281-213-0571

St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church

offering sign language interpreted masses
9:30 am mass every Sundays

13350 Ashford Point Dr.
Houston, Texas 77082-5100
281-556-5116 (voice)

St. Bernadette Catholic Church

Offering sign language interpreted masses.
Mass is interpretered every Sunday at 11:30 am
6:00 pm mass every Sundays

15500 El Camino Real
Houston, Texas 77062
(281) 486-0337 (voice)

Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) Christian, Protestant

2025 W. 11th Street
Houston, Texas
Telephone number (TTY, voice, fax, cell phone) – 713-861-9149 (v)

Metropolitan Baptist Church

Sunday 11AM service interpreted, childcare available
Contact coordinator for the following services: to arrange interpreter for adult and children Sunday School,
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) 2nd & 4th Friday AM

13000 Jones Road
Houston, Texas 77070
Church office: (281) 890-1900
Phone: (281) 970-7092 Coordinator

Life Tabernacle

Sunday School taught by a deaf minister to the deaf. All services are sign interpreted. A United Pentecostal church, member UPCI.

9901 Windmill Lakes Blvd
Houston, TX 77075
(281) 481-6692 v/TTY or (713) 910-1911
Email: Carla Swanson –

Houston Northwest Baptist Church

10:45 Sunday worship services interpreted
Interpreters available for other church events upon request

19911 SH 249 (corner 249 & Cypresswood)
Houston, TX 77070
Contact: 281-469-3389 (voice)

Gulf Meados Church

We currently provide interpreting for the deaf at our 11:00 am Sunday service.

8012 Fuqua
Houston, TX 77075
Contact: (713) 991-5683

First Baptist Church of Pearland

Silent Witness Bible Study on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in Room 245.
Interpreters also available for 10:30 AM worship service. Easy access to church from Beltway 8. Pearland Parkway exit between Beamer and Telephone Road exits.

3005 Pearland Parkway
Pearland, Texas 77581
Telephone: 281-997-9000 Ext. 207
Email contact: Frances Davenport –

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