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Darrel McCoulough

A while back, there was news about a deaf gentleman who saved a woman from a fire at apartment. Thanks to Kelly Reagan who managed to get a hold of him and made this interview possible. Darrel McCoulough is the guy who didn’t even think twice about saving another human being. It was a privilege of meeting and getting to know who he really is. Darrel is truly a kind and gentle man I’ve ever known, and I’m glad to call him a friend among Houstonians. Without further ado, here is the interview with Darrel McCoulough. continue »

Rita Lee Wedgeworth

spotlight_RitaLeeRita Lee Wedgeworth has over 20 years experience in interpreting for the deaf and she is widely known and respected in the deaf and hard of hearing community. When I first met Rita Lee Wedgeworth, she was one of the top interpreters I’ve had back in high school. At the time, sign language wasn’t something that I appreciated until I entered college. It was then that made me realize how easy it was for me understand sign language in a diverse culture. Rita and other interpreters had not only unconsciously taught me the art of language, but enabled me to continue »

Introducing Bradley Porche

spotlight_BradleyPA lot can be said about this young bright gentleman. If there’s one brief description to be said about Bradley, he is the man who will engage and challenge you in a way you may never expect.

Bradley Porche is a deaf activitist who not only strive to improve quality of life, but ensure that fundamental needs are met regardless of our background in Houston and across the United States. In addition, the combination of words and actions that Bradley abide by are something that we all can learn from. continue »

Meet Kelly Reagan

Kelly ReaganKelly Reagan is a one of a kind who goes out of her way to help deaf and hard of hearing make a better life for themselves. Kelly has been employed with Career & Recovery Resources, Inc. A United Way Agency as a Manager of Deaf and hard of hearing Services for more than 2 years.

Her role is to manage and map the path to success through education, training, and employment. She manages several programs run by Deaf professionals or professionals skilled in communicating with and for the Deaf. She’s well known among Houston and constantly makes an effort to reach out and help people identify and overcome barriers to employment. With further details, we’ve asked several questions to learn more about where, why, and how she became who she is. continue »