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Thesis Survey for Deaf Texas Residents

1 CommentBy | Mar.20, 2010 | Filed in: Blogs,Opinions,Research

My name is Bonnie Goben and I am a student at Lamar University majoring in Deaf Studies. The purpose of this survey is to assist with my thesis which targets customer satisfaction with interpreters in Texas. I would appreciate it if you could help me gather the necessary data necessary to complete my research by clicking on the link below. continue »

Does ASL hinder development of English / Literacy?

3 CommentsBy | Oct.15, 2009 | Filed in: Education,News,Research

For a long time, I have always wondered about that question. I’m not an educator nor have I ever taught the art of language. I did however receive the research paper from someone who wanted to share continue »

Parents of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children/Youths

RespondBy | Sep.27, 2009 | Filed in: Education,Research

The Seattle Quality of Life Group at the University of Washington is studying the quality of life of children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing D/HH). Based on interviews with youth (ages 11-18 year) who are D/HH and parents of children (ages 5-10 years), we have created new questionnaires to measures quality of life specifically for children (parent report) and youth (self report) who are D/HH. We need you to help in the development process by completing the questionnaire. continue »