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Houston Deaf Forum

RespondBy | Jul.21, 2009 | Filed in: Headlines,News

I would like to inform the public that there will be a Houston Deaf Forum. It will take place on August 15th from 12 to 4pm. The location is at St. Dominic Center for the Deaf 2403 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77578. Here is the execrpt from the

Welcome to the Houston Deaf Forum!!! What is the Houston Deaf Forum?  It is a forum where we the deaf and hard of hearing Houston citizens are now gathering to work toward to one common goal.  To establish an organization that will become a better voice, unity, and advocacy for the deaf/hard of hearing citizens of  Houston and surrounding areas. continue »

IP-Relay Scam

8 CommentsBy | Jul.20, 2009 | Filed in: Headlines,News,Technology

As you may have seen on ABC 13, there has been a discussion about the scammers using  Since there has been a heightened awareness of the ip-relay scam or also known as scam.  Please note, itself is not a scam, it is the scammer that is using the service. continue »

Da Marco discriminate deaf customer & service dog

1 CommentBy | Jul.09, 2009 | Filed in: News

As posted from the Houston Chronicle, Da Marco a nice restraunt located off Westheimer had four ladies who were customers, one of them apparently was deaf and had a service dog.  Well, Da Marco told the lady that the dog was not allowed in the restraunt regardless if it was a service dog or not. continue »

Results from the March??

1 CommentBy | Jun.17, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

Apparently a day has passed and at this time many of us have watched eagerly the news media, the Chronicle who were supposed to be at the event cover this March.  And yet we, the deaf community have not heard anything.   So meaning we did not make the impact that we had hoped?   If you participated in the March please let us know how it went!   We have checked the blogsite for updates and information and nothing has been posted.   Where is the communication to the deaf community?  For those of you who were at the event let the deaf community know how it went and provide your insight!  We would love to hear from you!

Update from 3rd Meeting for March

RespondBy | Jun.16, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

Last night meeting at Woodhaven church served a constant reminder of the issues that many deaf/hoh face after a long sought settlement between the Department of Justice and the City of Houston. The truth is the City of Houston has continued to fail in the requirement that has been outlined in the settlement when it comes to meeting the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals. That was one of the main reason to have the March, to bring awareness to the city council of Houston. Brian and Kathy and the other co-founders hope to bring that awareness to the City of Houston and ensure that the requirements are met in the 1998 settlement. continue »

Next Protest Meeting – Monday at 7 p.m.

RespondBy | Jun.12, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

Here is the information for the next protest meeting – now whether you are FOR, OPPOSED, or UNSURE about this protest – I highly encourage you to show up and voice your opinions – because this is YOUR COMMUNITY so you need to make sure that you are informed. continue »

Update Information on Deaf Protest

3 CommentsBy | Jun.10, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

Here is the Department of Justice settlement between the United States of America, Rashad Gordon and Michael Edward against the City of Houston, TX. Again, this is only a settlement and does not emphasize a case law. Settlement Agreement There will be another meeting taking place on June 15th at 6:30pm (location will be updated), you can find out more information on the Communication Access Now blog and there is an outline of explanations from the 5 co-founders. continue »

Pre-Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th

14 CommentsBy | Jun.10, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the pre-protest meeting at Memorial City Mall. The meeting finally started after a few minutes delay due to waiting for more Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals to show up. There were approximately around 15 Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals.

There were diverse individuals from different background, some were Deaf and Hard of Hearing, some had a strong conviction to protest and some were not sure of what was going on. Neverthless, Brian Determan, one of the co-founders of the Deaf Right Protest (the title of the protest has not been clarified) took the floor and explained the issue of why we should need to protest. continue »

Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th

4 CommentsBy | Jun.09, 2009 | Filed in: News,Politics

I have volunteered to be a writer for the Deaf Protest/March Rally and there will be a pre-march meeting taking place today (June 9th) at Memorial City Mall (Food Court) at 7 o clock pm.

As a contributing member of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community, I would strongly encourage you to attend and participate. Like Billy Koch previously said, “It takes a community.” A community is one of the most valuable thing a Deaf/Hard of Hearing individual can have because not only the support is there but knowing what is going on is important as well. I plan on attending, write (blog), and participate about the meeting and I ask of you to do the same to blog and participate. Therefore, the message will be heard through the blogosphere, Facebook, etc. One person cannot do it all but many of you have the will power to make a difference.
continue »

Best jobs for the deaf…

1 CommentBy | Jan.14, 2009 | Filed in: News

NetSignNews claims one of the best employments for the deaf is Information Technology. Their source was that reported 41% increased demands for IT staff such as software developer, systems engineering, database and so on. The second best job is accountant due to amount of demands not only in the U.S., but worldwide too. The difference between these jobs is the level of education. Most fields related to Information Technology aren’t limited to a college degree, but can be done through self taught, certified training and/or experiences. However, most accountants do require a college degree. So by their logic, IT dept would most likely have a better opportunity for the deaf. They didn’t have much statistics to back their claim, but I do think it’s somewhat plausible. For those of you who haven’t decided on a career or going through a career change, IT or accountant would be a safe bet. Despite what NetSignNews said, I’d take it with a grain of salt. If you don’t agree what’s been said, then what are the best jobs for the deaf?

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