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CAAGVRS is a nationwide FCC Certified Video Relay Service Provider proud to be based in Houston, TX! We want Deaf Texans to be proud that they are using a Texas based VRS provider. Having been a Community Interpreting Service Provider for the last 13 years, CAAGVRS takes a unique approach to Video Relay Service. Their interpreters treat you in the same manner they would if they were interpreting for you in person! You will always get a first name and a smile when calling our interpreters. CAAGVRS’ motto is “Communication Matters” meaning your communication needs come first to us!

To use CAAGVRS simply dial 855-877-2224 from any VP or VRS Software


Visit and click “Register” and fill out the application for a CAAGVRS number. Click SAVE at the top of the page when you have finished. When the registration is completed by CAAGVRS Customer Care then you will receive and e-mail with your username and password. You will also receive a download link for CAAGVRS’ software “CAAG4you”. You can also download our mobile apps at the App Store or Google Play!

For additional Information e-mail CAAGVRS’ Customer Care at

CAAGVRS looks forward to servicing all of your VRS communication needs because YOUR Communication Matters!


CAAG VRS Logo CM.png (77 KB)

CAAG VRS Logo CM.png (77 KB)

flyer_caag.png (484 KB)

flyer_caag.png (484 KB)

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