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It’s time, friends and foes! A time to rise up, unite resources, build support, educate and especially be “heard” by those who live in Houston. Although Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, we have yet to see a central hub where Houstonians can find a variety of useful information in one place. HoustonDeafNetwork.com will do its best to fill in the missing gaps and help you fulfill your needs. But wait, there’s more than just providing you information… continue »


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Position at Lamar University Deaf Education/Deaf Studies Program

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Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in the Department of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Applications and nominations are invited for a faculty position in the Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Department continue »

DAW 2010 Meeting – June 26th 10am – 12pm

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Our third meeting of the year to prepare for DAW 2010 will be held at Houston Community College – San Jacinto Building 2nd floor, Suite L321 from 10am to 12pm. on June 26th (Saturday).

If you are interested in volunteering and assisting please feel free to show up the meeting, or email us at daw@deafhouston.org.  We’re looking forward to making 2010 a successful DAW event!  And we can’t do it WITHOUT you! continue »

ASL Choir Night CLHS

The Clear Lake High School Deaf Culture CLub presents The 3rd Annual ASL Chroir Night on May 7th, 2010 at 7pm. Come and enjoy the show! continue »

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Fair!

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Career and Recovery Resource Inc would like to announce ‘Projects with Industry and Deaf and hard of Hearing Job Fair’. Free Admission! Bring a lot of resumes! Some interviews on the spot! The co-sponsors include: continue »

Dancing lesson offered in Sign Language!

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The Starlight Dance Studio is offering free dancing lesson for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Jill Perry, the Starlight Dance instructor is interested in providing free lessons for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing couples/individuals whom are interesting in having a fun filled learning in dancing. She will be providing lessons in sign language and there will be snacks and drinks provided. The first dance lesson will be provided on October 23rd at 6 o clock pm. It will take place at Starlight Dance studio located continue »

Texas Congressmen on Facebook

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I have been pondering ways for many of you to reach out and maintain contact with your Congressmen. I mentioned TweetCongress and contacting your Congressmen the old fashion way. continue »

The Case for H.R. 3101

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It is the year of 2020, you are walking with your friend who says, “Look at the news, man…can you believe that!?” You suddenly become curious to know what is going on. Your friend is shocked and watching the news on his mobile phone. You ask your friend continue »

Houston Deaf Forum

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I would like to inform the public that there will be a Houston Deaf Forum. It will take place on August 15th from 12 to 4pm. The location is at St. Dominic Center for the Deaf 2403 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77578. Here is the execrpt from the deafhouston.org

Welcome to the Houston Deaf Forum!!! What is the Houston Deaf Forum?  It is a forum where we the deaf and hard of hearing Houston citizens are now gathering to work toward to one common goal.  To establish an organization that will become a better voice, unity, and advocacy for the deaf/hard of hearing citizens of  Houston and surrounding areas. continue »

IP-Relay Scam

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As you may have seen on ABC 13, there has been a discussion about the scammers using i711.com.  Since there has been a heightened awareness of the ip-relay scam or also known as www.i711.com scam.  Please note, i711.com itself is not a scam, it is the scammer that is using the i711.com service. continue »

Update Information on Deaf Protest

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Here is the Department of Justice settlement between the United States of America, Rashad Gordon and Michael Edward against the City of Houston, TX. Again, this is only a settlement and does not emphasize a case law. Settlement Agreement There will be another meeting taking place on June 15th at 6:30pm (location will be updated), you can find out more information on the Communication Access Now blog and there is an outline of explanations from the 5 co-founders. continue »

Pre-Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th

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Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the pre-protest meeting at Memorial City Mall. The meeting finally started after a few minutes delay due to waiting for more Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals to show up. There were approximately around 15 Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals.

There were diverse individuals from different background, some were Deaf and Hard of Hearing, some had a strong conviction to protest and some were not sure of what was going on. Neverthless, Brian Determan, one of the co-founders of the Deaf Right Protest (the title of the protest has not been clarified) took the floor and explained the issue of why we should need to protest. continue »

Deaf Protest Meeting – Tuesday 9th

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I have volunteered to be a writer for the Deaf Protest/March Rally and there will be a pre-march meeting taking place today (June 9th) at Memorial City Mall (Food Court) at 7 o clock pm.

As a contributing member of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community, I would strongly encourage you to attend and participate. Like Billy Koch previously said, “It takes a community.” A community is one of the most valuable thing a Deaf/Hard of Hearing individual can have because not only the support is there but knowing what is going on is important as well. I plan on attending, write (blog), and participate about the meeting and I ask of you to do the same to blog and participate. Therefore, the message will be heard through the blogosphere, Facebook, etc. One person cannot do it all but many of you have the will power to make a difference.
continue »

Twitter – A New New Thing

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What is up with Twitter being the new new thing? Actually, it is not new. It has been around since its development in 2006. What makes Twitter stand out from the rest is its’ pure simplicity. All you have to do is pick up your cell phone for a SMS text, go to a website, or use a third party API to twitter away. From the time you text (up to 140 character is allowed) and send, all of your friends know where you are or what you are up to. How awesome is that? Simple and practical for our everyday busy lives. continue »