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It’s time, friends and foes! A time to rise up, unite resources, build support, educate and especially be “heard” by those who live in Houston. Although Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, we have yet to see a central hub where Houstonians can find a variety of useful information in one place. HoustonDeafNetwork.com will do its best to fill in the missing gaps and help you fulfill your needs. But wait, there’s more than just providing you information… continue »


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H.A.D. Hosts 3rd Big Event

Houston Association of the Deaf hosts their 3rd Big Event!


Doc’s Sports Bar
11950 Perry Road,
Houston, Texas 77064
Come and Join us for a night of Poker, Darts, and more!
Prizes at 10:00 p.m.!
When:  September 21, 2013
Time:  5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
See you There!


Lonestar Deaf Bowling – 6th Annual Super Bowl Pary

Welcome to all members, family, friends and fans. Join with us to watch on the Big Screen the Super Bowl. Admissions is Free – Must be 18 and older.
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Bayou City Performing Arts Concerts

RespondBy Billy Koch | Nov.27, 2011 | Filed in: Articles,Headlines

Starting with Christmas performance “Houston Holiday Hoedown” December 20,

Tickets have been discounted for deaf attendees to $30.00 in package type C
package for the Bayou City Chorale. (This is single tickets only)

Please mark your purchase form with Deaf and place Zee Broussard’s name on
it also; this will ensure that your tickets will be discounted and placed In
the right section. continue »

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Free Movie Night – Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center

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The Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center presents Free Family Movie Night. We will be showing Despicable Me!
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GHDC 2nd Annual Awards / Banquet Night – UPDATE

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Greater Houston Deaf Connection is proud to host the 2nd Annual Deaf Awareness Banquet Night. Buffet dinner will be served, as well we will be recognizing contributing members/organizations from the Greater Houston area. GHDC is also proud to bring in New York City’s own ASL Performer – Doug Ridloff to perform for us during this event.

To gather more information in regards to the event – stop by http://www.deafhouston.org/ghdc-banquet/

Tickets are selling at $60.00 per person – please RSVP by September 28th, 2011. So buy your tickets soon!  We still have TICKETS available for this fantastic event!  Don’t miss out!
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Z Mobile Van is Coming to Houston

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ZVRS Mobile Van will be at Career Recovery Resources, Inc (CRR) on August 9, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the CRR Parking Lot.

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2nd Annual GHDC Awards/Banquet Night

Are you ready for an evening of recognition and awards?  Are you ready to watch a deaf performer perform at the event!  Well that is what we have in the store for you!  Greater Houston Deaf Connections is proud to host the 2nd annual Deaf Awareness Awards/Banquet Night on October 1, 2011!  We have some exciting times lined up!  We will have a buffet style meal, then recognize individuals, organizations within the Greater Houston area – (based on YOUR submissions not ours!).   And then we will have a performance from Doug Ridloff – a deaf ASL performer who has traveled all over America with his act! continue »

Deaf Awareness Week Events Sept 12th-18th

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We, the Deaf Awareness Week 2010 are excited to present the deaf and hard of hearing community the new and upcoming Deaf Awareness Week events from September 12 – 18th, 2010. continue »

Deaf Awareness Week NEEDS You!

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Are you a deaf individual who grew up from a different culture?  From another country?  If so – please contact us at daw@deafhouston.org.   We are looking for individuals who come from different backgrounds who can present what their deaf culture is like.  So if you have something you would like to share please contact us.  The event would be on Monday – September 13, 2010.

A.H.A.S.: Emergency Preparedness Workshop – July 31,2010

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Deaf Link will share more about: Accessible Hazard Alert System™ (AHAS) & Accessible Hazard Alert System™ – Individual Notification (AHAS-IN)
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Are You Ready for Evacuation?

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Deaf Task Force for Emergency Preparedness presents “Are you Ready for Evacuation?” Come on Over to continue »

Deaf Awareness Week Meeting – July 17, 2010

RespondBy Billy Koch | Jul.07, 2010 | Filed in: Headlines

Our next meeting will be on July 17th at the Multipurpose Center off West Grey – address is 1475 West Gray Houston, Texas 77019. The meeting will run from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. We have less than 2 months left until Deaf Awareness Week! See you there!

Billy Koch – DAW 2010 Chairperson

This post was submitted by Billy Koch.

Houston Softball Teams Fares Well in Regionals

Houston was well represented at the Southwest Softball Association for the Deaf softball tournament in Gulfport, Mississippi.    Houston sent three teams to continue »

Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz visiting TSD Graduation.

Come one, come all!  See attached.  We are hosting Gallaudet President Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz who will be in town for TSD’s graduation!  Let’s show him what Austin’s GUAA chapter is made of…and let’s have fun while we’re at it. continue »

Deaf Awareness Week 2010 – Meeting May 22nd 10am – 12pm

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Our second meeting of the year to prepare for DAW 2010 will be held at Metropolitian Multi-Services Center from 10am to 12pm. in Classroom #2 on May 22nd (Saturday).

If you are interested in volunteering and assisting please feel free to show up the meeting, or email us at daw@deafhouston.org.  We’re looking forward to making 2010 a successful DAW event!  And we can’t do it WITHOUT you! continue »

Adult CPR/AED class for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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The American Red Cross in partnership with the Hearing Loss Association of Houston and Texas Arrhythmia Institute is holding an Adult CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation / Automated external defibrillator) class for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing on Saturday, April 24th from 8am to 12:30pm. continue »

Deaf Awareness Week 2010 – Meeting April 17 2-4 p.m.

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It is that time again – to prepare for Deaf Awareness Week 2010.  Last year the DAW Committee did an awesome job running Deaf Awareness Week.  So now this year – we are starting off with some planning and having our first meeting of the year to prepare for DAW 2010.  The meeting will be held at Metropolitian Multi-Services Center from 2 to 4 p.m. in Classroom #2 on April 17th (Saturday). continue »

New Directions for Houston Deaf Forum

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As some of you know Brad Porche and myself had been looking into trying to help the Houston Community to try to establish a Deaf Center.  And during our efforts of trying to set up the center we have crossed paths with different organizations that do provide services.  

Now with due respect, with the current economy, with the government cutting their spending, organizations are donating less and less to the non-profit organizations.   Agencies/Non-Profit organizations are closing all over the U.S. we feel that it would not be feasible to try to establish a center at this time.   Even though continue »

Houston Deaf Awareness Week A Success!

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Houston Deaf Awareness Week was BACK in Houston after a decade of sitting underneath a rock.  For the last decade Houston has not really had a deaf awareness week to expose our culture, our language, our self being into the deaf community.  But “THANKS” to continue »

Deaf Awareness Week Schedule – Sept 20-26

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Deaf Awareness Week is BACK in Houston!   Thanks to a great team in Houston for bringing Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) back to Houston.  Read the rest of the schedule for the upcoming events! continue »

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