ASL/deaf literacy teaching position – T.H. Rogers School, Houston ISD

Submitted by: Dave Muzyka | Email:

If interested, please apply through the Houston ISD Jobs portal on the HISD main page!

Deaf Literacy/ASL (Conversational) Teacher

  • 45 minute instructional class scheduled similar to an core enrichment class- at least once a week
  • Instructional Literacy topics for RDSPD classes 3 y/o through middle school (if schedules allows)
  • Instructional Conversational ASL/signing lessons to VG classes K through 6th
  • Instructional Literacy topics for RDSPD could include:
    • Multiple Meaning words and phrases, “bridging”
    • Root words, Prefixes, Suffixes
    • Synonyms and Antonyms
    • Story Comprehension
    • Answering Questions- focus on “wh” questions
    • Main Idea and Details
    • Summarization
    • Character Analysis
    • Setting Analysis
    • Plot and Story Problems
    • Event Sequencing
    • Cause and Effect
    • Conflict and Resolution
    • Fact and Opinion
    • Making Inferences
    • Making Predictions
    • Reading Genres
    • Types and Purposes of Texts
  • The focus could be “reading with meaning” more so than sight word practice. Though sight words and signs are a significant aspect to their literacy, the sight words taught only weekly would be far less impactful. If the goal was the exposure and concentration of word meaning and story comprehension, weekly meetings would remain beneficial. The grade level teachers would still teach all the aspects of literacy in their classrooms, but they would have the reinforcement of 45 minutes a week to support topics of comprehension with greater depth.
  • Teachers would collaborate so the specific topics would overlap for stronger connections to be made.
  • Materials for this literacy strengthening could include, Study Island,, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, Picture Story Cards, Why? Because cards, Lakeshore Literacy Kits, STAAR Ready Reading workbooks, Passwords Vocabulary workbooks, Reading Milestones, Reading for Meaning, Adapted Dolch Fairview DVDs for multi-meaning words and “bridging”
  • The ASL/CSL classes could teach more conversational skills. After modeling, role play and partner conversations would be a huge portion of the class.
  • Basic Signing Vocabulary Cards Set A and B by Garlic Press could be used, as well as the Adapted Dolch Fairview DVDs for multi-meaning words and “bridging” again as great signing resources. Signing Naturally Series by DawnSignPress could be the curriculum to follow or pull from to use.

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