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Emergency Announcement about the HBCD Junior Angler Tournament

RespondBy James Northcutt | Jul.13, 2012 | Filed in: Activities,Articles

This a flash news notification in regard the 1st Annual Junior Angler Tournament which is sceduled to be on July 14, 2012 at the Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy, Texas. The event is being rescheduled as decided by the HBCD members due to weather condition that has hampered the area for a week. HBCD respects parents and their kids and wanted to assure of their safety and health. Mosquitoes can be around after the rain. Rain chance there in Katy, Texas this Saturday will be forcasted at 50 percentage. This was the reason why HBCD has prompted to reschedule until further notice. Please check our website ( for a reschedule date if we are “lucky” to get an available one.

From the HBCD Team, we thank you for your prompt attention of this urgent message and apologize for the inconvenience that this has to be announced immediately!! Thanks!!

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