ART Classes in ASL

History is being made:

I am very excited to share with you my Dream come true. o provide Art classes for the for the Deaf in ASL.All classes are downloadable to a computer. Designed to let you take them at you own time and speed.Please take a look., ( less than $5 per class).

By 2018 we will expand by adding children’s classes, Art Therapy Classes as well as some guest Artists. Thank you for your time.

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One response to “ART Classes in ASL”

  1. Amy Leighton says:

    Hello Ms. Germany! My daughter and I are taking our first ASL class. We have just been discussing how Elisa may want to pursue Art Therapy as a career one day. We are excited to hear that you incorporate ASL with Art Therapy. As we learn a little more ASL maybe someday we could come see what you do. Thank you so much!

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