Art Class

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Start on Sept. 10, 2012


At Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center!!!

Come and Enjoy!!

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2 responses to “Art Class”

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi! Not really sure if this is where I should be writing this but I am looking to be a part of events with the deaf community. ASL was my minor in college, I just graduated a year ago and don’t want to forget any of it. On the contrary I would like to use it as often as I can! 🙂 If anyone can give suggestions, they are appreciated. Thanks.


  2. Longster says:

    Hi Natalie, we welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of deaf community. If you like to participate this event, google/bing Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center. I believe this Art class is available for anyone, but you may want to contact one of their faculty to be sure. Also there are a lot of activities you can participate such as ASL social, sports, workshop, DNO/DPHHH, and various activities. Everything you see here are all contributed by the community in Houston.

    Good luck!


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