American Sign Language Teaching Position (Huntsville Independent School District)

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Announcement: American Sign Language Teaching Position (Huntsville Independent School District)

I am pleased to announce, with the collaboration of the local deaf community and Huntsville High school, that an opening of American Sign Language (ASL) teacher is being offered this fall of 2015. The job constitutes the need for such a person with the specific expertise due to the growing interest in the deaf and ASL community. The promxity of American Sign Language program at Sam Houston State University and the community classes at the United Methodist Church has been both a boost to this very growth and therefore had generated a vast interest.

The assignment is a full-time position with a full-load. It do comes with the whole package: benefits including vision, medical, retirement, and others. For the more information: please consult Huntsville Independent School District website.

The basic requirements for a teacher to be eligible: Texas (or if possible other state) certification is to be required (due to No Child Left Behind provisions), experience in teaching a plus, and comes with a vast knowledge of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language linguistics. Masters degree in American Sign Language, Deaf Education, or related field is preferred.

If interested, go to the Huntsville Indenpedent School District website to open an account obtained through the employment page then apply by using the typical foreign language teacher application but to be sure and type in ASL in the foreign language options section. (

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joseph Holmberg, the ASL professor at Sam Houston State University and an acting consultant with the Huntsville Independent School District at You can also contact Ms. Beth Burt, the principal of Huntsville High School ( for further information.

Thank you for your time in reading this and for your consideration,

Joseph Holmberg

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