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Houston Deaf Network offers a variety of advertising zones that may be purchased by content placement, the week, a month or a year buyout. Our pricing is competitive and we offer a full profile including key demographics and analytics.

The ads can be in Flash, animated GIF or JPEG. We can rotate ads so more than one of your ads can occupy a single position. Maximum of 2 advertisers per location in rotatation. Below are the detailed positions that are currently available:

Google search Rank in key word
deaf houston – rank # 1
deaf network – rank #3

Visitor/month – 1500 to 2500
Pageview/month – 5000 to 8000
Twitter – 100 followers and growing
Facebook Fan – 500 fans and growing

Ad Placement

Side bar
144 x 72 – 4 available – $25/month
300 x 115 – 2 available – $50/month

Top bar (Banner or Text link)
954 x 30 – 2 available – $75/month

Bottom bar (Banner or Text link)
954 x 30 – 2 available – $75/month

End of Post
495 x 60 – 2 available – $25/month

We also offer banner design as well. If you like to get price quote, please send us information exactly what you would like to be said and how you want it to be displayed.

Are you ready to advertise? Contact us now!