Deaf Professional Happy Hour is a social event for deaf professional in different lines of work. Deaf professionals gather at pre-selected bars to network and socialize. The event takes place on the second Saturday of each month except when the Saturday falls on a major holiday. Announcement will be made about 7 to 10 days before happy hour. If you have any suggestion for the next DPHH location, please send us an email. If you're not in Houston area, check for your locals here.


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DPHHH/DNO – Choose your location and time.

If you have any suggestion for the next location, please feel free to submit your information and let us know when (date & time) and where.

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2 comments on “DPHHH/DNO – Choose your location and time.”

  1. John Escalante

    i want to join social with deaf people. i am deaf.

  2. Jackie

    this information is for DPHHH/DNO SOCIALS

    Christian’s Tailgate Grill
    2000 Bagby St
    Houston, TX 77002


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