Originally, we started out with DPHH to build deaf community around Houston. The idea was taken from DPHH of Washington, DC. DPHH was first founded in 1995 by a group of NTID alumni living in DC. Since then we followed their footstep and formed our very own DPHH Houston in 2003. As the time progressed, we saw the need to evolve into something more than just a happy hour event. We have this vision to broaden our horizon not only to professionals, but all walks of life from kids to adults. For that reason, Houston Deaf Network exist and we aim to provide a central point where resources, network, information, higher education, entertainments, careers/opportunities and more all within Houston community. If you like to be part of the team and contribute, please fill out the form as much as you can and we’ll get you set up as soon as we’re available.

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