UPDATE: 2nd Houston Deaf Forum Meeting – CANCELLED

UPDATE: Due to lack of confirmation and participation, 2nd Houston Deaf Forum Meeting has been cancelled until further noticed. Mark your calendar folks, there will be a 2nd Houston Deaf Forum meeting on October 10th from 1 to 4 o’clock p.m. Location will be held at St. Dominic Center for the Deaf – 2403 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77578.

The agenda will involve establishing an organization that will become a better voice, unity and advocacy for the deaf and hard of hearing citizen of Houston and areas. Use the power of networking tools and spread the word so we can establish Deaf Resource Center. For detailed information on the agenda…

Meeting will start at 1 o clock p.m.

  • Opening statement by Billy Koch and Bradley Porche.
  • Result of the first meeting, show visual grid map of the response by the attendees.
  • Explain the concept of a Mission Statement and Constitution.

Open to the floor

  • Name of the Resource center.
  • Feedback from the audience.
  • Vote on name.

Close the floor

Explain what a Transition Director is and what are the roles and responsibilities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create and refine the Mission Statement through feedback with members.
  • Create and refine the Constitution through feedback.
  • Apply for 501 (c) 3 non-profit.
  • Delegate task and responsibility of members in creating the so named Resource Center.
  • Term is from 6 month to 12 month.
  • Will cooperate with consultants (Bradley Porche and Billy Koch).
  • Will assume the administration role of the new Facebook Fan Page once a Resource Center is named and the website (will be created).
  • Maintain contact with the greater Houston community and have constant feedback.

Open to the floor

  • Members will name individuals whom would be a good Transition Director.
  • Several names will be called and will explain their reason of why they would be a good Transition Director. (Parliamentary Procedure will be applied)
  • Vote.
  • Billy Koch will oversee the proposal and vote.

Close the Floor

Once the vote is completed, the Transition Director assumes the role and takes over the meeting.

Opens the floor

Comments of the visual grid, mission statement, and constitution. (During that time ideas on Mission Statement and Constitution will be written and documented)

Close the floor

  • Billy Koch and Bradley Porche will make their last statement.
  • Transition Director will make the last statement

Meeting Adjourned

Hope to see you there!


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2 responses to “UPDATE: 2nd Houston Deaf Forum Meeting – CANCELLED”

  1. Kelly says:

    Look forward for this meeting

  2. Julie R. says:

    I am behind on HDN news… Impressive planning! Curious to see who becomes the Transitional Director! Great job, guys! 🙂

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