2017 Geico Bassmaster Classic comes to Houston, Texas

An exciting professional bass tournament is coming to Houston, Texas on March 24 – 26, 2017. For the first time in a long time 52 Professional Anglers will compete each other at Lake Conroe for a three day tournament. On each given day, they will bring the basses to the Minute Maid Park ( Houston Astros) for weigh in at 3:00 pm. This will be a first time to have a weigh in at a baseball stadium per Bassmaster representative. Everything will be highlighted on a jumbotron television inside the Baseball Park and close view to the weigh in for all fans. The last time a tournament was held in Houston was approximately around 17 years ago. Everything will be a first time being held in downtown. They will be having a 3 days Expo event nearby at the George Brown Convention Center. Both the Weigh-in and Expo admission are free to enter.

With the coordination of James Northcutt, President of the Houston Bass Club of the Deaf, Inc. (HBCD) and Brett Ketchum, President of the National Bass Association of the Deaf (NBAD) have been in touch with a Representative from Bassmaster that they will be providing all the Deaf/HH accessible with Interpreters for Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26 at weigh-in which will be held at the Minute park exactly at 3 pm on both days. The Bassmaster Event Coordinator will be reserving approximately 25 seats for us to witness the exciting weigh in.

Communicating with Jesse Dolan, Associate, Event Operation B.A.S.S. was effective and smooth to make our communication accessible easier. Bassmaster was very supportive of our request and have already begun the progress and our requests stated Northcutt. Brett and I worked this together as a team to make this happen. In reality it will happen!

Please go to www.bassmaster.com and look for Bassmaster Classic at Lake Conroe. You will find all details there.

Submitter Name: James Northcutt
Submitter Email: hbcd68@gmail.com
Submitter URL: http://www.bassmaster.com

Submitter Email: hbcd68@gmail.com

Submitter URL: http://www.bassmaster.com

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